Illusion Show Wax

The latest addition to the Auto Finesse detailing products and car care range Illusion show wax is an exciting new product for us, after months of working, testing and endless variations we believe we have nailed it, on the front of an out and out show wax, designed to intensify paint colours, making lighter colours brighter with sharper reflections, whilst richening the colour of darker paintwork, with levels of depth and gloss that are surpassed by no other car wax and durability of up to 3 months! Its clear to see why we where excited to bring this product into the current car wax line up.

Usability is always something we hre at Auto Finesse detailing products and car care strive to deliver and Illusion really is a leap forward in this aspect for our carnauba wax range. Illusions oily nature makes it spread incredibly far with ease, removal of Illusion is equally as simple and you can apply it to the entire vehicle then come back and buff back off. Removal of the cured Illusion show wax is still incredibly easy when left for one, two or even up to three hours, infact we have left it on complete cars overnight and removed it the following day with no problem (obviously this is only advised if your working in the correct environment).

So this season when you take your ride to the shows you'll want it to be wearing a coat of Illusion show wax for a show stopping finish.