Car Paint Sealants: Explained

Paint sealants are a synthetic car wax, whilst they do a similar job to a traditional car wax in that a paint sealant will protect your cars paintwork finish, they do have some unique properties of their own.

Made from synthetic ingredients as opposed to natural waxes and plant extracts, the durability of paint sealants is enhanced to upwards of 6 months. Secondly surface tension is reduced with paint sealants, whilst a car wax does a good job in shunning dirty water from paintwork, paint sealants shed water and grime far better meaning your car stays cleaner for longer longer, and it's easier to maintain on future washes.

Overall protection offered by paint sealants from UV damage, acid rain and industrial fallout is higher than offered by a traditional car wax. Paint sealants offer a different level of gloss, more a glass like reflectivity than the deep warm glow offered by a car wax, however paint sealants do excel in bringing out the flake in modern metallic/pearlescent finishes, leading them to be a popular choice with owners of silver vehicles.

Paint Sealants - The Ultimate In Paint Protection

So when would we recommend you use synthetic paint sealants rather than a car wax? A car wax is great for looks no doubt about that, for the deepest wettest looking shine we would always recommend a traditional car wax but paint sealants do offer a more durable protective layer, making them more suitable to applications where long lasting protection is key, such as on "daily drivers" or for vehicles that are parked or driven in harsh environments. Some detailing enthusiasts use a car wax for the summer months and a sealant for the winter months where they want minimal upkeep or on larger vehicles where regular waxing is a big task to undertake.

Our own range of paint sealants include the following:

Tough Coat

Tough Coat paint sealant is a synthetic formula designed to seal and protect automotive paint finishes from UV, acid raid damage and weathering, providing depth and shine whilst also retaining the trademark Auto Finesse easy to use detailing products, this sprayable formula enables the user to fully coat a car in less than 15 mins.

Power Seal

The ultimate in paintwork protection, Power Seal is a long lasting polymer paint sealant designed for use by hand or with dual action polishers. The synthetic formula chemically bonds with the paint finish to create a ultra durable protective layer, Power Seal also contains UV absorbers to help protect against paintwork fading & ageing.