Exterior Care

Products to cover every aspect of detailing the exterior of your car from start to impeccable finish

Exterior detailing is, let’s face it, the most in-depth collection of stages associated with the car detailing process. Understandably it’s also the heart of what we do here at Auto Finesse Car Care. This is why we’ve made getting an impeccable, professional finish easier than ever before with our full range of exterior care products and detailing accessories.

124 products
Plush Wash Mitt £12.95
Microfibre Wash Mitt
Pro Bottle
Pro Bottle £3.95
1-Litre Mixing Bottle
Work Cloth Trio £6.95
Microfibre Cloth
Ceramic £19.95
Spray Wax
Verso From £12.95
All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Tread £11.95
Rubber & Tyre Cleaner
ObliTARate £11.95
Tar & Glue Remover
Gloss £15.95
Tyre Dressing
Wash 'N' Gloss £24.95
Wash & Wax Shampoo
Glass Waffle
Glass Waffle £4.95
Microfibre Cloth
Tripple From £8.95
Cleaner Wax (All In One Polish)
Clay Bar Kit
Clay Bar Kit £22.95
Detailing Kit
Rubber Scrubber
Sold Out
Graphene £24.95
Filler Liquid Wax
Polish Pads
Polish Pads £4.95
Microfibre Polishing Pads