Stage 7: The Interior

It’s not just the exterior, what’s on the inside counts, too.

Don’t forget where you spend most of your time - on the inside of your car. Safely and effectively cleaning seats, trim, plastics and leather not only makes your cabin a far nicer place to be, but also prolongs the life and condition of one of the most highly contacted areas of any vehicle.

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Spritz From £9.95
Interior Detailing Spray
Work Cloth Trio £6.95
Microfibre Cloth
Wipe Out
Wipe Out £14.95
Car Interior Disinfectant
Hide Cleanser
Hide Cleanser £9.95
Car Leather Cleaner
Verso From £12.95
All-Purpose Cleaner (APC)
Upholstery Brush £12.95
Upholstery Brush
Pro Bottle
Pro Bottle £3.95
1-Litre Mixing Bottle
Handi Puck
Handi Puck £9.95
Foam Applicator
Aroma £1.95
Hanging Air Freshener
Aroma £8.95
Spray Air Freshener