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Let’s face it, choosing a gift for your ‘Auto Finesse-obsessed’ loved one is pretty tricky when you have no idea about detailing. So, to try and make choosing the perfect gift a little easier, we’ve picked 10 of the coolest and most useful gifts any detailing enthusiast would love. From your classic stocking-fillers, to the creme de la creme of Auto Finesse – we’ve got you covered.

No.1. Wash, wash and wash again

Something many people don't realise is that the wash process is the most important, yet is so often undervalued. This is why having a well-stocked wash kit is vital to any detailing enthusiasts’ inventory. Any well-versed detailer will agree that you can never have too many wash products so here’s a few options to consider.

No.2. Fresh wheels

As you may have already experienced, most car crazy guys and girls are very particular when it comes to their wheels and caring for those wheels properly is quite a task, so having a ‘wheel specific’ selection of products and accessories is essential for any detailing enthusiast. Here’s a few gift ideas for wheel care products.

No.3. Newbie

Buying for someone who’s just bought their very first car or perhaps someone who’s shown an interest in detailing but isn’t sure where to start? Well, we’ve got your back; from small sample sized products to large ‘start to finish’ kits.

No.4. Stocking-fillers

If you’re looking for individual products that your loved one is guaranteed to use and appreciate, then look no further. Here’s a selection of single products that no matter what colour or finish the vehicle may be, they won’t fail to disappoint.

No.5. Wrapping it up with the finishing touches

Not utilising finishing products is like not wearing a tie with a 3-piece suit or wearing a ball gown and not wearing jewellery. It’s the finishing touches that make all the difference and the same concept applies in detailing. Here’s a selection of must-haves to add that little extra touch to an already super clean vehicle.

No.6. Accessories

From brushes to buckets, storage boxes and bags; we’ve got the solution. They may have all the products they need, but do they have the accessories? These are the kind of things that sometimes get forgotten when shopping for yourself so are really appreciated when they are gifted.

No.7. Waxes

So, you want to buy a wax for your loved one but have absolutely no idea where to begin when looking at the range? Join the club! We often get questions about our waxes and which one is ‘the best’ but, realistically, it’s not that simple. Each wax has been individually developed to enhance different coloured paintwork in different ways. So, to take the technicalities away, we’ve handpicked a selection of waxes from the range that have been designed to suit any colour (finish and durability will vary).

No.8. Caramics

We all know how protective they can be about their pride and joy, giving the tiniest of puddles a wide berth and finding the car park space far away from civilisation. The Caramics Range is the ultimate gift to ensure that their pride and joy is protected inside and out.

No.9. The trusty Gift Card

If all of this seems like a bit of a blur, you can always fall back on a gift card. We all try and avoid gift cards when we’re choosing a gift for someone but let’s face it, they are a pretty safe option when it comes to a gift idea.

No.10. The Gift of Knowledge.

Now for the crème de la crème; give your loved one the opportunity to spend a day at the home of detailing here in the UK – the Auto Finesse Academy. Here we offer a range of courses to suit any ability, either 1-1 or in a group, to learn the art of detailing. If your loved one has a sizeable collection of Auto Finesse products already and would like to learn a bit more about technique, then this is the perfect gift for them.

So, there we have it, your easy guide to finding a Detailer’s dream Christmas gift. If you were unsure before, hopefully this helps you choose the perfect gift for your car-obsessed loved one.

Still unsure? Contact us at and we’ll be happy to help with more gift ideas to suit your needs and budget!