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Looking for a car polish product, but not sure what to look for? Well, let us lend a hand.

Let’s first talk about what exactly paint polishes are. Now, we’re at the stage where you’ve eliminated the use of wax and sealants and you’ve decided it’s a polish you’d like to use. Paint polishes are liquid-based solutions containing fine abrasives that cut and refine the paint’s clear-coat layer. It’s important to note that polishes are not used as a protectant, so you’ll still require a sealant or a wax on top. Polishes are generally corrosives helping to get the surface where you want it before any real protection is added. They help to improve the look of light scratches, while cutting through just enough to minimise them or get rid of very fine marks all together. There are, of course, varying degrees of abrasive, depending on the polish. If you have deeper scratches, use a more abrasive polish. Simples.

It’s important to assess the type of paint you have. If you have a light car, such as light metallic or even solid white, these colours don’t have much depth to them, so if you’re looking for a high-gloss finish, you’ll need to complete the process with a sealant. Sealants generally reflect light better.

If you have more of a mid-tone colour (metallic or pearlescent) you’re pretty safe to finish off the process with a wax or a sealant. It really doesn’t matter. If it’s on the solid side, though, we advise using our natural Carnauba wax.

Dark colours are naturally more reflective, which can be both awesome and horrendous. We all know about Ultimate Dub’s lights, right?! You just can’t escape any paint flaws. A sealant or a wax is acceptable, just remember that a sealant will be less forgiving than wax, due to its ability to better reflect light. It’s much more important to get your paintwork up to ‘scratch’ at the polish stage with darker colours.

Our car polish options include:

Tripple – which is our all-purpose, all-in-one polish. This stuff is a god-send. It’s the perfect all-in-one product. It contains pure Brazilian No:1 Carnauba wax and is much quicker to apply than carnauba wax in its rawest form. It removes stubborn oxidisation and contamination of the paint’s surface, and leaves a high-gloss finish. The solution contains fine abrasives to tackle surface blemishes, too. It can be used on its own or as a base for our Tough Coat sealant or any of our Carnauba waxes.

Ultra Glaze – our non-abrasive acrylic polymer-enriched glaze, which has been designed to reduce the appearance of fine swirl marks, while enhancing the overall look of paintwork. It works especially well with darker colours, making them appear deeper. It helps to make the fleck of metallic paints pop, too. It can be used via hand or machine (both dual action and rotary) application.

We also have a three-step system, which is used in conjunction with a machine polisher (both dual action and orbital). We have Revitalise No:1 (step one) – a restoring compound, helping to remove any deep swirls, while restoring tired looking paint where oxidisation has set in. Revitalise No:2 (step two) is our polishing compound designed specifically for medium to light paint defects. And the last step (step three) is our Revitalise No:3. This final step is our paintwork refining compound, which finishes the paintwork off nicely, ensuring there are no hologram effects left from the polisher.

Vision is our glass polish. So, not exactly paint specific, but as we’re talking about polishes, we thought we’d drop it in. This stuff is a high-quality product to get your windows looking just as good as your paint. Liquid effect, without streaks, it fills any fine lines in the glass to add clarity to tired looking windows.

Have a search for any of these products via the magnifying glass symbol, above.