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If you follow us on Instagram, you’ll know we’re super active on there and that’s where our latest Build Talk comes from. We’d seen Sarah Mepham’s Audi S1 all over IG and just had to have her pop into the Detailing Academy to show us her detailing skills.

The S1 isn’t short of mods – it’s rocking an A45-inspired wrap, air ride and aftermarket grille and splitter. We’ll let Sarah tell you more about her, her car and why she’s made it look the way it does…

What got you into cars?

"I was brought up surrounded by classic cars; my Dad restores them and as I grew up he continued to teach me a lot about them. And for this reason I was never really into modern cars, I was definitely more about the classic motor. My Dad owned a couple of Hillman Imps and currently has an Austin Healey 3000."

How and when did you acquire the car?

“I bought the S1 toward the latter part of last year. At the time I’d just started working for Mercedes and owned an A Class AMG line. The dream was to own an A45 but at 18 years-old I couldn’t afford one, so the AMG line was a start. My partner has the standard A1 Audi and I really liked how small and nippy it was. When I was looking to change the A Class, I very nearly bought the A45, but something stopped me and I saw the S1. I did a load of research and within 3 days I’d viewed the car, test driven it and bought it. It was all very sudden and I collected it the very next day.”

What have you done to the car since owning it?

“When I bought the car, I never knew there was a car scene. I used to go to car meets when I was younger but in friend’s cars. I then enjoyed taking photos of my car and posting them up and started to get a lot of attention from it. That’s when I found out about the car scene and modifying cars. I then just went crazy with the mods all at once with the wrap, wheels, grille and splitter. I then took the big leap for the air ride, which I love the look of, as well as the double res delete. I have a lot more plans for the car to come; I’m looking to go Stage 3 with a hybrid turbo, then finish off with a unique wrap and new exhaust system.”

Any plans in the future for a new car or will you be keeping this one?

"Plans in the future would be to have this car for another year or so. I have had a lot of ideas about what I want to do next and I’ll probably move on to an A45 or a GLA45, or even the A35 or 2012 C63. Either that or sell the S1, get an S15 and learn to drift and drive a car properly."

And what is your dream car?

“My dream car is the A45 yellow night edition, which is where the inspiration for my wrap came from.”

What do you do to care for your car; cleaning wise?

“I clean my car nearly every day I have off; making sure it’s mirror shining and fully protected to keep it in good condition. I have religiously used Auto Finesse from when I first bought the car. I also protect the car with a cover to stop it from getting dirty on the days I’m not using it.”

Cheers for popping into the Academy, Sarah!

Words & Images:

Auto Finesse Media Team