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We’ve been getting a few questions as to what the ’99 Club is. Well, let us explain. Firstly, the ’99’ refers to the year in which Auto Finesse was born.

Started by one man, founder and head honcho James Batty, in 1999, the brand has thrived ever since. Thanks to his detailing knowledge and sheer commitment, high-shine and performance of great car care products has been well and truly brought to the masses.

2019 marks our 20th anniversary so it was bound to be good, but not even us knew it would be this good. As part of our 20th anniversary celebrations, we’ve really gone all out; from ridiculous research into some of the most high-end products (ones that are so elite and expensive it’s almost impossible to retail) to building our own 20th anniversary truck monster.

We’ve launched 500 seriously prestigious kits to mark the big birthday. Each kit features the absolute crème de la crème of car care ingredients that have been finely tuned to optimum efficiency. Presented in an exclusive wooden box, you’ll get a high-end mango car shampoo featuring a 2000 to 1 dilution ratio, along with a unique pre-wax cleanser – an absolute necessity to any detail – ridding the vehicle of any films or residue left by previous products. You’ll also get a specially-formulated quick detailer offering another level of water behaviour, as well as our 20th anniversary hard wax. The wax is not available to purchase separately. It’s so exclusive, it won’t be available anywhere else. Developed from the highest-grade ingredients possible, it’s the ultimate in show waxes leaving behind a dripping wet finish, with durability of 3-4 months. Each box features a metal casing showing which of the 500 it is; for example, kit 1/100. You’ll also get a certificate with the kit showcasing its authenticity and exclusivity.

Now it’s onto our ‘Project Stepside’ Chevvy truck. You’ve already seen it. If you haven’t, where have you been?

We bought the truck last year and we’ve done so much to it that you literally won’t recognise it. As you can see from the pics, we’ve left very little untouched. Well, it is our 20th birthday, after all… The truck is a 1954 Chevrolet Stepside model and practically everything we’ve done has been custom made; there’s a fully custom chassis, fully custom leather and tweed interior, custom air ride set up, custom split rims, not to mention the ridiculous crate LS3 Chevrolet V8 lump under the bonnet. Did we mention it’s also supercharged and pushing out a whopping 550bhp… that is, for now – it’s due a final remap to boost the thing to 670bhp. It’s just crazy how much work this thing has undergone.

We’ve also got a whole range of ’99 Club merchandise, so you can get involved; there’s tees, caps, stickers, you name it; all donning the Auto Finesse ’99 Club.

The special edition kits will be exclusively limited to 500 and once they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab yours online now.

Words & Images:

Auto Finesse Media Team