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Avalanche – your first step to a swirl-free finish -
5 min read Tuesday 12 November 2019

Avalanche – your first step to a swirl-free finish

There are some car care products that are absolute essentials when it comes to the ultimate detailing kit and Avalanche snow foam is one of those items. Snow foam is an essential part of the detailing process. It's at this stage where you rid your car of the most possible swirl-inducing potential threats. Avalanche works to remove loose debris in conjunction with your snow foam lance.

Auto Finesse Avalanche snow foam is infused with our Citrus Power bug and grime remover giving it the extra cutting power required at this stage. Snow foam is, more often than not, used at the very first step of a detail. However, we're all about aiding the process of removing dirt with as little contact with the paint as possible so we'd suggest to saturate lower panels with our bug and grime remover Citrus Power ahead of covering the vehicle with a hue of snow foam. Avalanche snow foam is a pre-wash that does most of the work for you to make the contact wash stage a breeze. It applies as a thick foam to remove loose debris and dirt and break down any stubborn grime prior to the wash stage. It's an absolute essential prior to any contact wash to remove that loose debris that may otherwise be swirled around by a wash mitt.

To use, Avalanche is best used together with a pressure washer and foam lance, but can also be used via a pump spray bottle and garden hose. Simply fill a 1-litre bottle with around 1-2inch of the solution and top up with fresh water. Cover the vehicle in the foaming solution, working from top to bottom. Allow the thick foam to dwell for around 5 minutes before jet-washing off (again working from top to bottom). Once completely rinsed, you're ready to begin your contact wash stage using the two-bucket method.

You can purchase Auto Finesse Avalanche via our online store, any Halfords shop or at our very own Detailing Academy over in Bishops Stortford and it is available in 1- and 5-litre bottles, at a price of £12.95 and £29.95, respectively. It's also available in a huge assortment of flavours, so be sure to check them out in our shop!

AF tips: Do not allow Avalanche to dry on the surface. Don't apply to a hot car or in direct sunlight. Use together with a pressure washer snow foam lance for best results.

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Auto Finesse Media Team


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