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How & when to use Citrus Power -
5 min read Tuesday 04 August 2015

How & when to use Citrus Power


It's essential to have a solid pre-wash, bug and grime remover that you can always turn to. Here at Auto Finesse car care, we have created a car wax and paint sealant safe, citrus pre-wash that comes pre-diluted and ready for use. Our citrus pre-wash Citrus Power is perfect for those dark, dirty winter months when your car shampoo needs a helping hand.

Citrus Power's citrus cleaning agents make it the perfect pre-wash to tackle a number of task around any motor vehicle, from motorbikes to cars right through to the dirtiest of off roader mud pluggers. Citrus Power bug and grime remover starts to work on contact breaking down a number of contaminates such as; road grime, bug splatter, grease, oil, road salts and traffic films.

By using Citrus Power bug and grime remover pre-wash you help remove any surface contaminates that could have later become clogged up in your wash mitt. Later these contaminates could cause you to inflict swirls and marring into your paintwork surface.


Often the use of a heavy alloy wheel cleaner is not always needed to produce the finish desired, especially when wheels have been previously waxed with a wheel wax such as Mint Rims. Spray the wheel and tyre in Citrus Power and allow dwelling. If needed, agitate the dirty wheel and tyre to release any trapped in dirt. Once agitated, rinse the dirt away with fresh water. This process also works well with wheel arches.


Throughout the year a daily driver can become covered with bug splatter, road grime and traffic film which can often be hard to remove once dried. This causes issues with the car wash process and can lead to people scrubbing hard on the paintwork to remove the baked on splatter or road grime, later this can create marring and swirls on the paintwork surface.

Citrus Power eliminates this. Simply spray Citrus Power onto the area and allow dwelling whilst Citrus Power does all the hard work for you. Then remove the splatter and grime with fresh water, be it from a garden hose or pressure washer.


Areas on the lower half of a vehicle often collect the most dirt and can be the cause of swirl marks. Places such as sills, wings and behind the front wheels often become the dirtiest from road grime, road salts, grease and brake dust. By adding Citrus Power into your car wash routine as a pre-wash you can remove a lot of this dirt before you take a wash mitt or sponge to your paintwork. Spray Citrus Power on the lower half of your car before the car wash stage, and allow dwelling for five to ten minutes before rinsing off.


Engine bays and other greasy/oily areas such as door jambs can be a worrying area for many when it comes to detailing. Citrus Power however makes light work of engines bays and door jambs, new and old. The cleaning agents in Citrus Power break down dirt, grease and oil found around the engine bay and in door jambs and is safe on painted parts, plastics and exposed metals. Often agitating is required to release hard ground on dirt and grime.


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