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Dynamite and Citrus Power: The Differences -
5 min read Thursday 02 July 2020

Dynamite and Citrus Power: The Differences

A common question for our customer service team is; what's the difference between Citrus Power and Dynamite? Both are top-flight pre-wash products (and we all know that pre-washing is the most important part of the wash stage for a perfect swirl-free wash), both are wax and sealant friendly, and both can be used in conjunction with each other, our Avalanche Snow Foam, or simply as stand alone products. But, why are they different? And how should you be using yours? Well, that's where we're here to help...


Our most recently launched pre-wash product, Dynamite Traffic Film Remover, is a real heavy hitter designed to chemically dissolve the harshest road grime on contact. Its job is simply to take the elbow grease - oh, and the actual grease - out of your perfect pre-wash. It works by lifting harmful contaminants safely away from all exterior surfaces, breaking them down and allowing them to be easily rinsed away.

The difference with Dynamite over traditional traffic film removers, is that it has been specifically formulated for versatility. The super-concentrated, citrus-based solution can be diluted to any ratio between 1:5 and 1:10, depending on the cleaning intensity required for the job in hand. This is what makes it a great allrounder and a product that can be adapted to any cleaning task you throw at it. No dwelling time is needed with Dynamite. Shifting grime is usually a strict spray on and rinse off affair, with a second application and only the lightest agitation needed on the heaviest soiling.

Dynamite is best used (in lower dilution ratios) on the grimiest areas during pre-washing, particularly on "bottom halves', wheel arches and for heavy degreasing. High dilution ratios are ideal for lighter soiling and all-too-often forgotten areas like inside door shuts, fuel filler caps and around exterior trim. In other words, Dynamite Traffic Film Remover is what you might call the master multi-tasker of pre-wash cleansers.


Citrus Power is not only one of the most popular products in the whole Auto Finesse range, it's one of our most long standing, too. Once again, it's a highly versatile pre-wash cleaner, one that can be utilised on all exterior surfaces, including glass, paintwork and plastics. But, with Citrus Power there's no need to dilute, you simply spray on, leave to dwell and rinse away. A short dwelling time gives the powerful cleaning and degreasing agents a chance to bite into any ingrained grime, and you the extra time to agitate and work the foaming solution into any awkward or heavier soiled areas without the fear of pre-drying. When it comes to the fiddlier jobs, Citrus Power and a soft detailing brush make an unbeatable combination!

The real key to Citrus Power though, is its extremely gentle nature. It may be tough when it comes to dissolving and removing road grime, but it's also ideal for the more sensitive jobs, such as gently removal of bugs and dirt on grills and plastics, along with degreasing lightly soiled under-bonnet areas… and even whole engines for those two-wheeled applications. Because of all this, and the fact that it won't strip previously applied waxes or sealants, Citrus Power is a kitbag essential that's perfect for use on every single wash.


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