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Keeping your pride and joy looking its best is no easy feat anytime of the year, it takes handwork and commitment but none more than the winter months will test that dedication.

Here's how we go about treating our show winning Caddy for the winter ahead, sure she lives in a nice cosy garage but our flagship show car gets driven all year round come rain or shine, so its important its well protected. Getting in early before the weather really turns and temperatures drop is well worth while. As always we start with the wheels, these being 3pcs magnesium wheels with bare polished alloy dish means they take a lot of care and upkeep, in this instance for a deep clean we are using our Imperial wheel cleaner concentrate mixed at 1:8 (parts product to water) Once the wheels faces, dishes and barrels are thoroughly clean we set about washing the bodywork, a deep clean with snow foam, Citrus Power and detail brushes follows before we pressure rinse and move on to a hand wash with Lambs wool mitts and Microfiber drying towels. With the truck clean and dry we move inside to get down to the finer details and protection stages, this is where the treatments change from our normal maintenance routine and become a little more in-depth, focusing on protection of the delicate surfaces and ensuring they are fully coated against what the winter driving is about to throw at them.
The truck has been on the road a lot in the UK and across Europe this season and as a result has picked up a fair bit of contamination, tree sap and some road tar. You must always decontaminate paintwork with even the slightest of bonded contaminants before waxing or sealing, †so we set about removing this with our Clay bar treatment. The paint is then treated with Tough prep in preparation for the first base coat of our Tough Coat paintwork sealant, we chose this as it can be topped with a wax when we get to a show but will provide a durable base that can last in excess of 6 months when maintained correctly.
Attention is then turned towards the wheels once more, first polishing the dishes in preparation for treating the entire wheel with our Mint Rims wheel wax, a timely task on this design but an absolute must should you want your wheels to be looking fresh next season.