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Tyres are particularly susceptible to the effects of road grime and UV radiation, causing browning and eventually surface cracking. But, using Verso All Purpose Cleaner to thoroughly cleanse your tyres at the wash stage will hugely improve their appearance and offer the perfect surface for adhesion of your new tyre dressing.

How it's done…

Use a pressure washer to remove loose dirt from all wheel and tyre surfaces, pay particular attention to the sidewalls but don’t neglect under the arches and the treads of your tyres, either.

Clean the wheels following your usual method. We’d recommend a combination of Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Revolution Wheel Soap for the most common painted or powdercoated wheels, along with Iron Out where periodic, heavy-hitting decontamination is needed.

To break down the harshest grime and the reminisce of old dressings ingrained in your tyres, you’ll benefit from using a relatively strong solution of Verso All Purpose Cleaner. 2:1 with water, in a Pro Bottle should give you all the cleaning power you’ll ever need for this job.

Spray your Verso over the entire sidewall, getting plenty of the solution on there, before leaving it to dwell for a short time. Don’t worry if you overspray onto your wheels, because it’s also safe to use as a cleaner on all finishes, even chrome and bare metal.

Now it’s time to get scrubbing, and there’s nothing better for this than our Scrubi Spot Pad and Handi Puck combo. First though, you’ll want to totally saturate your Scrubi with Verso. Don't worry, you can also use a small detail brush if you don't have the Handi Puck and Scrubi pad combo.

Bear in mind that the more effort you put in now, the fresher and cleaner the tyre will look afterwards. So, really work that Verso into the sidewall, avoiding contact between the Scrubi Spot Pad and the wheel. Keep spraying on Verso as you go to make sure you have enough fresh soapy solution to work in.

Now you can rinse away the grime and inspect the sidewall. If the tyres haven’t been cleaned for an extended time, you may feel the need to repeat the process. Never forget, your tyres can never be too clean!

Drying your sidewalls is important to avoid the dilution of any dressings you apply, helping them to look better and last longer. Mopping up any excess water with an old microfibre work cloth is the ideal way… but only after you’ve washed and rinsed the rest of your car.!

The last job, as always, is to dress your tyres with Satin. This will not only make them look fresh and clean, but offer a layer of protection against the elements and UV radiation, too.

Apply Satin to the full circumference of the tyre, avoiding the wheels and treads. The best bit is that Satin is also a layer-able creme, meaning that you get to choose the level of shine, simply by adding more layers.

Marvel at the results… we think this one speaks for itself.