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Iron Out Fallout Remover -
5 min read Tuesday 20 November 2012

Iron Out Fallout Remover

Iron out is one of the most exciting detailing products in our car care range. Iron out is our spray on contamination and fallout remover designed for use on paintwork to remove iron contamination. Prior to the claying stage, the use of Iron out can dramatically reduce the claying stages and the amount of contamination still present by that stage, the use of these detailing products is now considered a task that is essential by most professional detailers. When used prior to claying it also helps reduce the risk of marring as it removes the harshest and most abrasive contaminants without agitation, with its main active ingredient braking them down prior to this stage. But Iron out also doubles up as a very effective deep cleaner for your wheels, and here's why more and more are turning to Iron out as an intensive wheel cleaner:


When applied Iron out will react with the contamination and break-dust within seconds. You will visually see the reaction between the Iron out and the brake dust as Iron Out starts to turn your wheel purple. This reaction makes Iron out one of the the most visual detailing products in our car care range.
The advantage this detailing products has over some similar detailing products on the market is its gel like viscosity, aiding it to cling and dwell for longer periods on the surface, reducing the amount used (rather than it running off on to the ground) and aiding application on tricky designs. Iron out is also safe on all types of wheel from painted (like in the pictures) to chrome, anodised and polished finishes (although we always recommend testing in any case before proceeding with the full treatment, to check compatibility on wheels with an individual finish.

Dependant on conditions we recommend you allow Iron out to dwell for two to five minutes. In this time Iron out will have had time to lift away any heavy brake dust and iron fall out from your wheels surface. After Iron out has had time to dwell simply come back with a pressure washer or garden hose to rinse clean.

This should give results similar to this. Be sure to check your wheel again to insure all of the grime and residue has been washed away.

If any light road grime still remains it may be necessary to follow by using a car shampoo mix with a variety of different wheel brushes. Even if you think your wheel is clean its always beneficial to follow up with a car shampoo mix. Make sure that your wheels inner barrel and the spoke backs are clean before moving onto the next wheel.

For more information on paintwork decontamination with Iron out and our other decontamination detailing products be sure to read our Decontamination Guide.
We hope this post has been informative and possibly inspired you to detail your own car. If you have any questions regards to Iron out or any of our other detailing products feel free to conact us. Or join in the conversation on our social network or create your own discussion below.


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