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Our revive trim dressing is designed to protect all exterior vehicle plastic trim and breath new life into dull or fading trim. Helping to prevent further degradation, leaving a natural, non-greasy as new look.

Heres how to get the best from your trim:


The first job is to thoroughly clean the trim, in this instance, we are cleaning it individually, however, this stage can be incorporated into the wash process. Using our citrus power and a soft bristle brush work the cleaner into the grain, this removes in ground dirt and old dressings:

Once the trim is clean and dry, you can set about applying Revive trim dressing using a foam applicator is advised, we are using our waxmate applicator:

Also useful for restoring wiper arms:

And all other exterior trim,

Mirror housing before:


As well as Revive trim dressing restoring your trim. Revive also lays down the hydrophobic layer which makes Revive waterproof. This means that when water comes into contact with your trim the water simply beads up and sheets away. This helps Revive trim dressing last months not weeks: