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Ridding your car of road grime -
5 min read Wednesday 04 April 2018

Ridding your car of road grime

It's that time of year where you'll be thinking about ridding your car of its pre-winter detail and cleansing it of all those nasty road contaminants you've picked up along the way, such as salt and dirt ? all ingredients that increase the risk of wash marring.

If dirt has built up on your car, there's no way we'd advise a contact wash at this stage. So, that's where our Citrus Power Bug and Grime remover comes in. Road grime is so much more than just dirt. The list of contaminants while on the road is extensive; take unburnt fuel, additives, vanadium, Iron, Sulphur, oil brake dust, tar, grease, bitumen, and cement dust to name but a few. If left on, rainwater washes away the water-soluble components of all these things leaving just non-water soluble parts behind, which can then be baked on by the sun.

So, if like the majority of car care enthusiasts, you don't have a hot water pressure washer then you'll almost certainly require some chemical assistance to get the best from your detail.

Enter Citrus Power

Its strong citrus-based formula cleans away dirt only leaving firmly-bonded contaminants such as tar still present this is tackled at the decontamination stage with the almighty clay bar! Citrus Power's strong detergent-based formula cuts through bug splatter and road grime with ease. You should only have to use it just the once during any one wash.

Despite its strong cleaning power, it's super gentle to use (pH of 13 alkaline), it doesn't strip off previously-applied protection such as sealants, waxes or silica-based coatings meaning it's gentle enough to use whenever you feel it's needed. It's not just great at removing winter grime, either, it's a must-have product throughout the summer, too, when the front of our cars tend to get covered in dead bugs. It works to loosen these off to simply be washed away no need for any elbow-grease like we're sure you've had to use before.

To use there's no need to dilute the formula as it's been specially-formulated at the ambient strength for safe use just spray on liberally to all exterior surfaces that need that extra bit of attention ahead of a contact wash. Allow to dwell for up to three minutes and rinse off.

You can also use it together with a detailing brush on intricate areas, such as badges or grills. Simply spray on liberally and use the brush to agitate the surface and those hard-to-reach areas to produce a mild lather foam. Once happy, rinse off and dry as normal.


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