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We all know that our DPX Dual Action Polisher is an essential bit of kit in the detailing arsenal. But, before you can even hit the trigger on yours it makes sense to get the basics down first.
So, whether you’re cutting, refining or applying a glaze, here’s our top tips to see you on the right path…

First, get your pad centred on the machine, the easiest way is to pop it on the backing pad and give it a spin by hand… if there’s a load of wobble, squint a bit, and try again.

Lubrication is important when first using a dry pad. A light mist of Pad Prime will effectively lubricate the surface to prevent scrubbing.

Less is more when it comes to using a machine. You don’t need to saturate the pad with your chosen product, four small blobs will be plenty to start you off.

Keeping the cord under control like a pro is easier if you put it over your shoulder. The number one rule is always to stop the machine cord coming in contact with your paint.

To help spread the product evenly around the panel, gently pat the pad three or four times around it.

When compounding, refining or polishing, always start and stop your machine while the pad is in contact with the car. This will stop you unnecessarily slinging product around, saving on the clean-up time later.

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