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Ultra Glaze: Paint Glaze -
5 min read Wednesday 20 September 2017

Ultra Glaze: Paint Glaze

Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze is our non-abrasive acrylic polymer-enriched paint glaze. No idea what we're talking about? Well, let us explain.

The formula is basically designed to enhance the surface of paintwork while reducing the appearance of fine swirl marks. It's similar to car polish in its consistency and application, however, it contains no abrasives or cutting agents. Its soul purpose is to add depth to a paints finish. Glazes hide any light swirling, as its ingredients work to fill any gaps in the paint.

Auto Finesse Ultra Glaze helps to prevent future fading by replacing any oils lost in damaged car paintwork and can be used on all manner of paint-works, but are especially effective on darker car paint finishes (black, dark blues etc.) or metallics.

Firstly, before applying any product like this, make sure that the surface is clean, dry and free from contaminants.

Ultra Glaze can be applied by hand or by machine. If you're applying by hand, use either a microfibre cloth, applicator, or one of our dual-foam applicator pads to apply it. Pop a few small drops onto your chosen tool and, using very light pressure, apply to paint using circular motions lightly coating the surface of the paint. We suggest completing small areas as you go (up to 18x18 square inches). Keep moving around the car for several minutes. Once the formula has cured, buff off the first complete panel using a clean microfibre cloth. Continue this method until the whole car is covered.

If you're applying Ultra Glaze with a Dual Action (DA) machine polisher, it is best to apply a few drops to a light foam finishing pad. Using the lowest machine setting, cover small sections as you go (18x18 squared). Apply Ultra Glaze in a slow, even motion, slightly overlapping the previous. Leave the product for several minutes before buffing off with a clean microfibre cloth.

If you're using a rotary polisher to apply Ultra Glaze, a light foam finishing or polishing applicator is best. Apply just a few drops to the pad and polish a small area first (18x18-inch), using the slowest setting. Work the product in using a maximum speed of 1000RPM, using a slow, even motion, slightly overlapping the previous. Once the product is cured, buff off using a clean microfibre cloth.

Average applications per bottle: 20

AF's quick tips:

For maximum results with machine polishers: A foam finishing pad is best for high-shine and gloss finishes. Use a slightly firmer foam polishing pad on harder paint.

Ultra Glaze does not remove scratches - it fills them.

Can be used under wax, but not paint sealant. This is because a wax sits on top of the paintwork, but sealants rely on bonding to the paintwork so are more effective on clean, straight paint.

Effective together with all Auto Finesse waxes.


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