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Keep updated with new product drops and projects, and see us travel around to catch up with some of the most iconic people and cars in the scene.

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The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

7 min read Tuesday 21 March 2023

Take a look at our latest launch – a brand-new new collection of advanced professional compounds that have been 3-years in the making…...

TeamAF sets up shop in Europe

5 min read Tuesday 28 February 2023

Follow along as we head out to the Nürburgring to set up our new European Distribution Centre…...

Letting it shine with Take That's Howard Donald

10 min read Tuesday 23 August 2022

He may have sold a gazillion records and have a face that’s been plastered on bedroom walls all over the world, but you’re never too big to learn some...

The Auto Finesse Originals Are Back!

5 min read Sunday 10 April 2022

Just when you think that our Signature Hard Waxes couldn’t get any better, the Auto Finesse Originals Wax Collection returns for a super-limited run!...

The Easter Eggstravaganza is on!

5 min read Thursday 07 April 2022

The world-famous Auto Finesse Easter Eggstravaganza returns, and you know what that means, right? It means that you’re in for an… ahem, cracking deal!...

This isn't just any work van

8 min read Friday 01 April 2022

This is an Auto Finesse work van. Take a closer look at the latest addition to the AF fleet...

Walking the Walk: Nissan S15 Ep3

5 min read Tuesday 22 March 2022

Its been a week or two since we visited our epic Nissan S15 build - so this time it's all about the exterior as we reveal our new body kit...

Top Drops For Spring '22

7 min read Tuesday 15 March 2022

What have we been cooking up over winter? Well, we're glad you asked because here's six brand new products, and a few more surprises to boot......

Caging The Beast: Nissan S15 Ep2

5 min read Tuesday 08 March 2022

We’ve got the car, we’ve all but killed the massive Hoosier rubber with more than a few burnouts, so what’s next for our big 2022 project? Well, if so...

All Car Cleaning Products Explained

18 min read Friday 25 February 2022

Cleaners and the cleaning agents they contain are, as you can imagine, some of the most important products in the whole of detailing. What they do is ...

Top Car Detailing Essentials

22 min read Thursday 17 February 2022

We're often asked what the best products are to get your pride and joy back to a suitably stunning state of detailed perfection after (mostly) sitting...