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Auto Finesse Meets Halfords -

Auto Finesse Meets Halfords

Friday 15 December 2017

If you follow us on social media or if you happened to have bobbed your head into a Halfords store recently, you’ll probably have seen that we’ve partnered up with Halfords to bring an exclusive range of kits to its stores.

If you follow us on social media or if you happened to have bobbed your head into a Halfords store recently, you'll probably have seen that we've partnered up with Halfords to bring an exclusive range of detailing kits to its stores.

We have two exclusive kits available; the Original Car Care Kit and the Complete Protection Kit, which are available from the gift plinth at the front of Halfords stores and online at

The Original Car Care Kit has been developed as an introduction to detailing, with three easy steps, with the essentials needed for that ultimate at-home detail. Step one - wash - our trusted pH neutral, wax and sealant friendly shampoo Lather (500ml). Step two - polish - 500ml Tripple is the perfect all-in-one cleaner and polish, helping to achieve the perfect base for the following step. Finally, step three - wax - 500ml Glisten quick shine spray wax provides the ultimate finish to this three-step system. There's also a microfibre applicator and two microfibre finishing cloths included in the kit - all priced at just £30.

The second exclusive kit we have available in Halfords stores is the Complete Protection Kit This kit does exactly what it says on the box; it protects. It includes everything you need for that ultimate protection - something that everyone should be thinking about at this time of year! We've put together a selection of our top products, including 500ml Lather shampoo, 500ml Glide lubricant to use in conjunction with the included 200g clay bar. Clay barring is the best way to remove embedded dirt and contaminants such as tar or salt from paintwork, helping to achieve the glass-like finish we all want. Also included is a 250ml bottle of our all-in-one cleaner and polish Tripple and 250ml bottle of Radiance (our liquid carnauba wax, which is super easy to apply and offers up to three months of durability and protection). Also included are two microfibre cloths and two microfibre applicator pads. All for just £40!

Kits Are Currently For Sale In 420 Halfords Stores Nationwide!

The partnership marks a huge milestone and new era for Auto Finesse as it moves towards making its range of products more readily available throughout the UK and Europe. "Halfords is the biggest in store supplier of car cleaning products. It's really exciting to have our products in there," founder James Batty says. "Upon starting Auto Finesse back in 2009, we've gone from strength to strength. We're constantly working towards bigger and better targets in-house, but to have our products in Halfords is a serious goal realised. The two kits are just the start…"

Spokesperson For Halfords Said:

"We are excited to introduce Auto Finesse, a unique brand with strong identity and signature quality to our Halfords car cleaning range. We always strive to offer our customers the best performing products on the market and we see a great potential in Auto Finesse, a brand created by people with a passion for cars and detailing"


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