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Belgium Detailing Demo Day -
5 min read Wednesday 27 March 2013

Belgium Detailing Demo Day

Our most recent road trip was to our friends at Wax-It in Belgium, to help host the Auto Finesse detailing demo day they had lined up for the local detailing community. Bert and the guys at Wax-It handle everything "Auto Finesse" in this region and thought it would be a nice idea to invite guys over to their place for a day of informal demonstrations and introductions to our products, let people try them out, ask questions and basically "talk detailing" for the day. We were joined by Jay of Miglior detail and our photographer Dom for this little road trip.

Arriving at the Belgium meca of detailing that is Wax-It HQ:

The star of our next collaboration detailing video:

Taking detail:

That moment when you reveal the 50/50, you can feel the suspense:

A picture of a Photographer thinking about doing his job

All in all this was a great event, well organised with laid back feel, we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who came to see us and to Bert and the team at Wax-it for there amazing hospitality.


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