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Car Wax, What, Why & How -
5 min read Sunday 06 January 2013

Car Wax, What, Why & How

Carnauba wax has been in the industry for many years now, however, it can often be hard to find the right carnauba wax for you and your vehicle. At Auto Finesse detailing products and car care, we developed a carnauba wax range that's tailored to different paint types and needs. Our carnauba wax range will protect any car from the daily driver up to the million-pound supercar, whilst offering great results and ease of use.

Our range of carnauba wax will help protect your vehicle from fallout and UV rays all year round, whilst also protecting your finish, the natural ingredients will add water repellency, making it easier to keep your car clean.

Tempted By Temptation?

Temptation is our entry level car wax that is perfect if you have not used a hard car wax before. Temptation was blended to be easy to use whilst delivering great results on all paint types such as solids, metallic, lighter colours and darker colours. Also to aid you into hard waxes we have made sure that Temptation does not have quick cure time so allows you to take your time and wax your whole car before coming back to buff off with a fresh microfibre cloth.

Developed with first-time detailers and enthusiasts in mind, Temptation is the easiest, and most forgiving car wax to use in our car wax range.


Often it can be hard to find a carnauba wax that works well on lighter coloured vehicles, so Soul was specifically designed with lighter colours in mind. Made with 33% natural T1 carnauba wax Soul car wax really enhances and adds reflectivity to paintwork, whilst being durable for up to three months, and when you open Soul car wax you will be greeted with a delicious mango scent. This makes Soul a pleasure to use every time.
Unlike Temptation, Soul is best applied to one panel at a time using a waxmate to apply a thin and even layer of car wax to your vehicle. Once applied to the panel allow one to two minutes to cure and then use a fresh microfiber cloth to remove residue.
If Soul car wax is left on to cure for a longer period than necessary and becomes hard to remove, a spritz of our Finale quick detailer will help remove any over cured residue.


Passion is a hard car wax with high oils content that was design for darker solid colours such as reds, dark greens, blues and blacks. Passion will add a wet gloss look to your car with ease whilst being a pleasure to use with its passion fruit scent. This is achieved by Passion's unique oils and waxes. These unique oils and waxes nourish and protect making water simply slide off of your cars paintwork. Intern Passion car wax will insure your vehicle is protected through the summer or winter time boasting up to 4 months durability on a daily driver.
Passion is best applied to one panel at a time and should be left to cure for one to two minutes as with Soul. And for an even deeper shine trying layering Passion. We recommend that you allow 1 hour between layers. This will insure that Passion car wax has bonded to your paintwork ready for the next application.


Capturing metallic flake or pearlescent finish of your paintwork can often be hard to achieve with a carnauba wax as many may flatten and reduce the look of your metallic flake. Spirit has been designed with high carnauba wax content and waxes of high optical clarity to ensure that it enhances the look of your metallic finish whilst still offering maximum durability, and with its delicate apple scent Spirit car wax truly is a pleasure to use all year round.
As with Soul and Passion, Spirit car wax is best applied in a thin even layer to one panel at a time. And with larger panels such as roofs and bonnets its best to work half a panel at a time. If you do wish to achieve maximum looks and durability we recommend you layer Spirit. Again we advise you allow your first layer to cure for 1 hour before re-applying.


Originally limited to 500 pots, Desire is our flagship car wax that pushes the boundaries of carnauba wax to the limit.

Unlike Soul, Passion and Spirit, Desire car wax is suited to all paint types from light gloss colours through to the richest of metallic finishes. Desire has influences from the other waxes in our car wax range to ensure you achieve the best looks possible whilst holding up to six months durability even on a daily drive, and its reported up to a years durability on certain show cars! This is all achieved by using the finest natural ingredients we could lay our hands on including 54% natural T1 carnauba wax content.

Desire is best applied to a perfectly clean base using our Waxmate foam applicator. A quarter turn of the Waxmate on Desires surface will ensure you carry enough car wax onto your paint surface. Slowly massage Desire into the paint using small back and forth motions. Once your whole vehicle is layered in Desire come back with a microfiber cloth to remove the residue left.

As with all our car wax range, if you find Desire grabby to remove it means you may have over applied it. You can resolve this by using our Finale quick detailer.


Although Illusion sits in our line of carnauba wax it does differ from our Luxury line.

Illusion car wax was specifically designed to create the maximum levels of shine. We achieve this by using natural T1 carnauba wax content, synthetic polymers, and gloss-intensifying oils. The combination of these three main ingredients will ensure your paintwork looks wet once you have applied Illusion. This makes it perfect for classic concours cars, modern show cars and even daily drivers that just desire the wet look finish.

As with Desire, Illusion is best applied to the whole vehicle before removal, and the blend of natural and synthetic ingredients ensures Illusion spreads like butter and comes back off just as easy.

For more information on each of our waxes visit our online store where more information can be found on each car wax in our car care range.


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