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Gift Idea's for Men -
5 min read Monday 12 December 2016

Gift Idea's for Men

Struggling with ideas for what to get your man for Christmas, or maybe you've no idea what to get your dad or son? Or any other male relative you can think of - or female, for that matter. Let's not be sexist. Well, struggle no more.

Car cleaning products are generally a day to day purchase and not something people often think about as a gift. And we wonder why. If there's an important man in your life that cares about their car, whether it's a show car, or whether they just enjoy keeping it clean or maintained well - whatever the cause, we have the product, kit or gift set to make the perfect prezzie.


First up is the ultimate kit. The Auto Finesse Connoisseurs Kit. This one will depend on how much you love this man. Or whether you have the budget. The Connoisseurs Kit includes absolutely everything you need for a show-worthy finish, but it comes at a price. £339.95 will get you over 35 items from our 150+ product range. Of those 35, products include Citrus Power (1-Litre), Avalanche (1-Litre), Revolution (500ml), Imperial wheel cleaner (500ml), Lather car shampoo (500ml), Iron Out (500ml), Wash Mitt, Aqua Deluxe, 200g Clay Bar, 500ml Tripple, 500ml Ultra Glaze, Mint Rims wheel wax, Mercury metal polish, Verso (1-Litre), ObliTARate (500ml), Satin (500ml), Crystal (500ml), Dressle (500ml), Glisten (500ml), Revive (500ml), two Duo Edgeless cloths, Handi Puck, four Handi puck pads, Waffle glass cloth, Duo applicators, Crew bag, hanging air freshener, Hog hair brushes, Interior brush, and (finally) Upholstery brush. A hell of a lot of a kit.


Next up is the best general overall kit we do. It features absolutely everything that's required to maintain a high-level of clean. Available for the special price of £164.95, the Auto Finesse Ultimate Car Cleaning kit contains 1 x Lather Car Shampoo (500ml), 1 x Citrus Power (1-Litre), 1 x Imperial (ready to use) (500ml), 1 x Tripple all-in-one polish (250ml), 1 x Tough Coat paint sealant (250ml), 1 x Crystal glass cleaner (500ml), 1 x Satin Tyre Creme (500ml), 1 x Revive Trim Dressing (250ml), 1 x Finale detail spray (500ml), 1 x ObliTARate tar and glue remover (500ml), 1 x Glide clay lube (500ml), 1 x black bucket with print or Detailers Kit Bag or Crew bag or both Detailers Kit Bag and black bucket, 1 x 200g Clay Bar, 1 x Tyre Applicator, 1 x Lambs Wool Wash Mitt, 1 x Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel, 1 x Black Decal, 1 x Air Freshener, 1 x Yellow Foam Applicator, 1 x Duo Edgeless, and 1 x Mint Rims wheel wax.


Next up is the next level of specialised; our Show Stopper Kit. And damn there's a fair bit thrown in for your £299.95. The Show Stopper kit includes 1 x Crew Bag, 1 x Deluxe Wash mitt, 3 x Ultra Plush towels, 1 x Pack Polish Pads, 2 x Micro Tweeds, 1 x Glass Waffle Cloth, 3 x Primo Plush cloths, 2 x Duo Edgeless cloths, 1 x Wax Mate XL, 2 x detailing brushes, 1 x Illusion Wax, 1 x Oblitarate wheel cleaner (500ml), 2 x Finale quick detailer (500ml), 1 x Lather car shampoo (500ml), 1 x Spritz (500ml), 1 x Total finisher (500ml), 1 x Revive trim dressing (500ml), 1 x Tripple polish (500ml), 1 x Glisten spray wax (500ml), 1 x Crystal window cleaner (500ml), 1 x Mercury metal polish (100ml), 1 x Citrus Power bug remover (1-litre), and 1 x Imperial wheel cleaner (500ml).


If you're still not sure what to get him, but know that he'd love some good car cleaning products, why not give our samples kit a go. Our samples kit, gives the user the option to try a few key items from our range before buying. This, coupled with one of our Auto Finesse gift cards, is one of our favourite prezzie options. It gives them the control when they come to order. Our samples kit includes 100ml bottles of Tripple all-in-one polish, Citrus Power pre-wash cleaner, Crystal glass cleaner, Glisten spray wax, Lather car shampoo, two microfibre work towels, one microfibre applicator, one air freshener (picked at random), and one small storage carry case.

Some of our kits will require a little bit of knowledge as to what paint it is and what finish etc. Auto Finesse has a very large selection of products in its range, and some require some knowledge of what finish features on particular items, such as wheels etc. We trust you to come up with the goods, though, without revealing what you're buying them. However, if you don't feel comfortable, we'd advise going with option one or option two as they are our general all-rounders.


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