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Our three original waxes -
5 min read Tuesday 10 April 2018

Our three original waxes

We at Auto Finesse are continually updating and perfecting our products, but with so much ongoing development of new products going on, we thought we'd remind you of our three original waxes. Three staple items covering the whole spectrum of paint colours - all producing the same luxurious finish!

First up is Soul.

Soul has been purposely developed for white paint, as well as light and solid colours. It features a blend of 33% T1-grade Brazilian Carnauba wax, along with beeswax, candelilla wax and essential oils for a highly-reflective finish. The glass-like visual dynamics that this concoction produces is perfectly suited to light and bright colours, as well as pastels and pale hues.

The featured oils also give a high level of water repellency and resistance to environmental contaminants such as UV-fading, bird droppings, tree sap and bird droppings. It comes in a 150g tin and smells of sweet mango and provides up to three months of durability.

To use: First, wash your car! Any vehicle should be free of dirt before any protection is added. Once your paint is prepped for wax see our other blog posts on the different stages place a foam applicator inside the tin of wax, rotating it half a turn to coat the pad with enough wax to protect a single panel. Apply the wax using small overlapping strokes until the panel is complete. Repeat the same procedure to cover the very next panel. Once the second panel is complete, go back and buff off the wax-residue from the first panel using a microfibre towel. Repeat until the entire car is complete. If you're working in the heat or your wax has dried too quickly simply use a water-based quick detailer to help remove the hazing and extra product.

Next up is Passion.

Our Passion Carnauba wax is a professional-grade hard wax, specially developed for application to vintage paint, as well as cellulose and high-solid matte paint types. It contains a unique blend of 45% T1-grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, all-natural Beeswax, Candelilla wax, along with essential oils for high shine and water repellency to vintage paint finishes.

This hard wax blend is infused with paint nourishing oils to bring new levels of gloss and depth to vintage paintwork, whilst helping prevent UV-fading, as well as other environmental deterioration and road grime such as tar. It comes in a 150g tin and smells of passion fruit, with up to four months of durability.

To use: You already know the vehicle needs to be clean and dry before application, so we won't go through that bit again. Simply twist one of our awesome foam applicators in the tin for half a turn this should be enough to coat one individual panel and apply to the vehicle using small, even strokes, overlapping with each pass. Wax goes a long way so use sparingly! One you've completed one panel, move to the next panel, then when that is complete buff off the previous.

And last but by no means least, we have Spirit.

Developed to enhance metallic and pearlescent paint finishes, Auto Finesse Spirit car wax is made up of 50% T1-grade Brazilian Carnauba Wax, along with a blend of natural waxes and oils to bring visual clarity and depth to any metallic and pearlescent finish.

With the sweet smell of apple, Spirit comes available in 150g tins and offers a whopping up-to six months of durability, thanks to its unique blend and capability, bringing the sparkle back to pearl and metallic paints.

To use: Twist a foam applicator in the wax tin, coating the pad with enough wax to complete one panel. Apply to your dry paint in small even strokes, overlapping each pass. Once you've completed one panel, move onto the next one - when you've got two completed panels, buff off the first, then wax the next one, so you're always working one ahead.

Top Tips for this article:

Wait at least three hours in between coats or layers of wax.

We tend to use two layers of wax. The second is purely to ensure you have an even coat throughout the whole vehicle.

Do not wax any vehicle if the temperature is below 6-degrees Celsius, or above 35-degrees Celsius.

Waxing in direct sunlight, or conditions of high humidity can lead to over, or under-curing of the product before removal.

If the paintwork is lightly marred, or the vehicle has not been polished in the last 6-12 months, it is also advisable to use a pre-wax cleanser†in order to create the maximum shine.

Half a turn for one panel will vary on the condition of the paint. If the applicator feels like it is starting to run dry across the surface, or coverage becomes uneven, return the applicator to the container using another quarter-turn of the pad to re-prime the foam.

The goal when waxing is to apply the product as thinly and evenly as possible.


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