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Pumpkin to talk about this Halloween -

Pumpkin to talk about this Halloween

Monday 18 October 2021

What have we been cooking up in the Auto Finesse cauldron for Halloween 2021? Find out here

Happy Halloween from here at Auto Finesse!

Our traditional Halloween celebration brings with it our special, limited edition Lather Car Shampoo, complete with an eerie-sistable toffee apple fragrance, created in our factory to lift your spirits in typical Spooktacular style…

Miraculous cleaning power has never been witchful thinking with our flagship Lather Car Shampoo. And, not only do you get all the supernatural ability to exorcise grit and grime that you're used to, but there's plenty of added scream when the lights go out with our ghoulish glow-in-the-dark labels. And, why not? If you've got it, haunt it!

And, there's more… 

If that's not enough for the spookiest of holidays, we just know it'll be love at first bite with our Zombie Pin-up Air Freshener… creeping it real and trick or treating your interior to the same, spine-chilling toffee apple scent.

Witching you a happy Halloween from all the souls here at Auto Finesse, our Toffee Apple Lather Shampoo and an extra 20%-off comes with all orders over £50 using promo code TRICKORTREAT at the checkout. Our Zombie Pinup Air Freshener is also free with all orders (while stocks last) until Midnight on Sunday 31st October.


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