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Six brand-new product lines to take any detail to the next level  -
5 min read Monday 01 November 2021

Six brand-new product lines to take any detail to the next level

What's cooking this November?

Here at Auto Finesse, we don't just do detailing - we're in the business of evolution, education and invention through the development of the finest products and accessories. In fact, our whole range is designed and refined by detailers, for detailers, and not just to make the lives of trade professionals easier, but to give all enthusiasts the access and the opportunity to push their detailing kit into new realms of functionality and comprehensiveness.

So, with that in mind, while we continue to evolve and re-invent what's on offer in our wider range, we think we've come up with the with six of the very best new products and accessories - and right now they're ready to drop…


The evolution of the world-famous Auto Finesse Detailing Bucket is much more than a suitably stylish colour swap to this rather fetching - not to mention highly visible - shade of teal. In fact, not only does this one include a professional grit guard and a huge 20-litre solution capacity, specifically to reduce the danger of the recirculation of potentially harmful grime back into your wash media. But, our new design also incorporates a specially-developed, water-tight lid, making it the ideal companion for show goers, mobile valeters and any other detailing enthusiast on the go.

As well as a supreme detailing bucket to aid in a completely swirl-free wash stage, and an item that's faultless for safe storage of accessories (and even solutions) between details, the Pro Bucket Combo has been constructed from the toughest materials ensuring that it will withstand a lifetime of use. This, along with the addition of the super-sturdy, rubber-sealed screw top means that this can even double as a detailing stool, making it even more ideal when those long, in-depth details come calling.


The answer to the universal detailing question; "just where did I put my brushes?" Our Bucket Buddy is a masterstroke for safe accessory storage during all wash stages.

If you're not adverse to fishing around in the bottom of your bucket, or even worse, putting your accessories on the floor, the Bucket Buddy is a must-have for every time you detail. Not only does this large, specially designed detailing tool caddy keep your accessories within easy reach, but it helps reduce the chance of contamination being picked up and transferred back to the vehicle as you wash.

Ideal for storing your Detailing Brushes, Rubber Scrubbers, Barrel Brushes and other wash media, and specially profiled to fit all 20-litre detailing buckets (with or without a lid), the Bucket Buddy and comes in our trademark gloss teal finish, printed with the classic Auto Finesse Logo.


The new must-have for anyone who details vehicles on a regular basis, the Auto Finesse Pressure Sprayer is not only constructed to stand up to the rigours of day-to-day industry use, but has been specifically designed to make the application of spray-on products quicker and easier than ever before.

Developed to efficiently atomise any liquid with less effort or wastage than a conventional spray trigger, the Pressure Sprayer is ideal for both decanting cleaning solutions and dressings from our trade-size, 5-litre containers. And for accurate dilution of powerful concentrates like Verso All Purpose Cleaner, Dynamite Traffic Film Remover and Imperial Wheel Cleaner.

An excellent solution for everything from performing the ultimate winter prewash with Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover to ridding your bay of grease and grime with Eradicate Engine Degreaser, this industrial-grade product features an adjustable spray pattern, an extra-large, 2-litre bottle (incrementally marked for spot-on dilution ratios) and a lockable trigger. Our Pressure Sprayer is also supplied with a special nozzle extension for use on the hardest-to-reach areas.


ObiTARate Tar & Glue Remover, our super-powerful, solvent-based liquid formula has been an Auto Finesse staple for years now. Capable of melting through tar spots and other harsh, sticky contaminants, it continues to prove one of our most popular decontamination products, and an absolute essential in any comprehensive detailing kit.

ObliTARate Gel is a variation on the original theme, it comes with all the power of ObliTARate - the ability to dissolve all the sticky stuff - but as a more vicious gel capable of lingering on surfaces for just a little longer. This helps it tackle the toughest decontamination tasks with ease, cutting through duct tape residues, badge sticky, traffic cone rash and even overspray with a single application.

ObliTARate Gel is available in 500ml and 1-litre bottles, and safe for use on all modern painted and powder-coated surfaces, along with glass, solvent-resistant plastics, brightwork and bare metal.


In most cases impeccable wheel cleaning can be helped along the way with a little agitation, but what about working-in Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Revolution Wheel Soap to eradicate brake dust and grime on the most sensitive, specialist finishes? Well, that's where these super-soft Wonder Wool Wheel Brushes come in.

Utilising a natural lambswool cleaning head, our non-scratch Wonder Wools are capable of gliding over surfaces without gently agitating without excess scrubbing, safely locking potentially damaging contaminants deep within the fibres, away from your precious rims.

Safe for use on all gloss-black, custom painted, bare metal or anodised wheels and brake calipers, Wonder Wools are available separately, with a choice if three lengths, or as a Trio Pack containing all three for maximum versatility.

The ultimate premium for detailing the ultimate premium rims.

Pro Polish Bottle

Our brand-new, 350ml Pro Polish Bottle is one for all the paint correction maestros out there. Constructed from soft, squeezable plastic, this washable, reusable professional polishing accessory is specifically designed to offer complete control over any polish or compound.

Complete with a special, "pull-up' application nozzle, the Pro Polish Bottle can be fully sealed with just a click, preventing premature product drying and hardening between sets, or even whole details. This specially developed nozzle is also contoured allowing you to accurately dispense the perfect spread of any abrasive formula on your polishing pad without any wastage or mess.

Durable enough for everyday professional use, the translucent Pro Polish Bottle has a 350ml capacity and comes branded with the classic Auto Finesse Logo.

All these new products are available now on our shop here


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