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The Auto Finesse Originals Are Back! -

The Auto Finesse Originals Are Back!

Sunday 10 April 2022

Just when you think that our Signature Hard Waxes couldn’t get any better, the Auto Finesse Originals Wax Collection returns for a super-limited run!

Our Auto Finesse Originals Collection Is Now Online

Just when you think that our Signature Hard Wax Collection couldn't get any better - or more exclusive for that matter - the Auto Finesse Originals return for a super-limited run!

Answering one of the more regular questions we get from the most discerning customers and showgoers here at AF - "when are those OG, hand-painted waxes coming back?" Well, now you know, and for the first time in over 3-years comes the rare opportunity for all you detailing connoisseurs to get your hands on something unique for your collection…

If you're not completely familiar with our Originals Wax Collection, these are super-limited-edition versions of our Signature Hard Wax Range. Each wax comes as a one-off with 90mm glass pots that are painstakingly hand painted by world-famous pin striping master, Neil Melliard.

The story of these rare collectables goes right back to 2014, when Neil was drafted in to apply the signwriting to our OG Caddy project. After hours of watching his jaw dropping work we mused - wouldn't it be cool to offer the AF faithful the chance to get their hand on some of his work themselves? Right then and there the Auto Finesse Originals were born.

It goes without saying that Neil has decades of experience with the most specialist paint techniques such as striping, air brushing, signwriting and application of gold and silver leaf. We're talking skills passed down from a bygone era, that he has applied to everything from hot rods and vintage race cars, and even adding the odd finishing touch to modern offerings from Rolls Royce. You can check out his work on Instagram @the_striper.

In any case, there's no doubt that this level of craftmanship - derived from mid 20th Century kustom culture - is something of a dying art nowadays. It also goes a long way to explaining why Neil is so in-demand for everything from Ford lowriders to F1 cars all around the world. There's quite the waiting list to get under his brush, we can assure you.

Over the years he's had his work immortalised on just about everything with wheels, including quite a few of our own projects, starting with the OG Caddy and following on with all the big builds, including our '54 Chevy Stepside, bagged AirStream Land Yacht mobile store and, more recently, our custom Triumph Bobber and Caddy V2 project. Only the best in the business for the best in the business, right?

The point is that the artwork will live on forever on the cars and now you can now have a piece of it for yourself, just by owning one of our specially commissioned AF Originals.

We've extended the Originals Wax Collection to include all our hand-pored hard waxes over the years but, aside from charity auctions and a few giveaways, we've only offered them for sale once or twice for extremely limited periods. And, because of the limited numbers that are produced in each batch, they move pretty damn fast, too!

Featuring all the carnauba-packed car waxes from our Signature Range, including Desire, Illusion, Fusion, Spirit, Passion, Essence and Soul we've got every paint type covered with what's inside - and we've even thrown in a small batch of our Mint Rims Wheel Wax for all you fans of only the most precious hoops.

The best news is that you can choose your very own Originals Hard Wax on the site right now… just don't forget that when they're gone, they're gone. Good luck!


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