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The most popular cars in the world, according to Reddit -
5 min read Tuesday 26 January 2021

The most popular cars in the world, according to Reddit

Ferrari has emerged as the most popular car brand on Reddit, the unofficial "front page of the internet'.

Auto Finesse scraped tens of thousands of posts on the car communities' most popular subreddits to discover which makes and models get the biggest reaction online.

This was done by analysing the most upvoted, commented, and awarded posts on three subreddits dedicated to posting cars and car pictures. These were r/Autos with 640k members, r/CarPorn with 1.2m members, and finally r/cars with 2.2m members.


By analysing this data, we found that the definitive winner for makes is Ferrari. It featured in over 7% of total posts, with a total upvote score of 757,795. It also garnered 158 awards, and 23,067 comments, with the most popular models being the F40, LaFerrari, F50, 250 and Enzo.

Ford finishes in second place, as well as the only American company to feature in the top ten. Despite finishing with 689,592 upvotes, it had more total posts with 7.5%, and also had more awards, with 172 compared to Ferrari's 158.

In third is Porsche, sneaking over the six-century mark with 604,086 upvotes total. It had less of the share of total posts but did get an impressive 113 awards, its most popular model was, unsurprisingly, the 911, which featured in 40% of its total posts.


As well as car makes, we also analysed the most popular models for the top three podium finishers, Ferrari, Ford and Porsche, to discover which cars had the biggest impact on the makes' scores. The F40 had the biggest impact. It was the focal point of nearly a third of Ferrari's posts, and responsible for 170,000 upvotes.

In second place is LaFerrari, named because it was considered the definitive Ferrari sports car, which was responsible for 85,000 upvotes and nearly 20% of total posts. The close cousin to the F40, the F50 finished third, with the iconic 1960s racer 250, and the 2002 Enzo, named after the company's founder, all finishing on a similar score in the mid 20,000s range.


When combining the data, we learned which is the overall most popular model among the highest-scoring brands.

Despite finishing first in the overall make tables, when it comes to individual models, Ferrari falls behind Ford, Porsche and Toyota. The most popular model overall is the Ford GT, which nearly doubled second place with a staggering 310,838 upvotes, 11,100 comments and 85 awards for that car alone.

The Porsche 911, one of the most popular to post overall, accrued 177,074 votes and 55 awards, whilst the Toyota Supra, produced for nearly 50 years by the Japanese company, takes the bronze medal, finishing with 175,052 upvotes and 14,005 comments.

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We scraped thousands of posts from car-related subreddits r/Autos, r/CarPorn and r/cars in January 2021.

We then isolated the most popular posts using a minimum threshold of upvotes to determine the popularity of makes and models.



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