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The new Hybrid wax is here -
5 min read Wednesday 19 October 2016

The new Hybrid wax is here

In development for 12 months, Fusion Hybrid more than raises the bar on the more mainstream retail car waxes currently on the market.

Fusion hybrid wax blends the best of natural waxes, together with the qualities of an oil-based wax, fused with synthetic gloss enhancers for the ultimate in shine and durability available from a car wax.

Durability has been tested through all manner of British weather and is perfectly timed for release in October 2016, ahead of those inevitable wintery months and conditions. Fusion is suitable for all colours and finishes of paint, including metallic and solid.

Made up of synthetic polymers, as well as 33% carnauba wax, daily-driven vehicles can don longer-lasting protection and finish. Its finish is that of a shine glass-like effect as opposed to an oily, wet look. The wax aids in the dispersal of water for up to six months, with that all-important protection lasting as much as twice that of the nearest competitor.

The new Fusion Hybrid wax is easy to use and is best applied using a foam applicator pad, following a cleansing wash and dry with the Lather shampoo, and polish. Auto Finesse Fusion Hybrid wax can be used on top of any of our polishes and glazes.

Auto Finesse continues to invest heavily in its research and development base in Buntingford, Hertfordshire, and this Fusion Hybrid car wax is yet another product resulting from that investment.

Our new Fusion Hybrid car wax comes packaged in a 150g tub - RRP £59.95 and is available to buy here:

Auto Finesse owner James Batty said: Our new Fusion hybrid car wax is the best of both worlds. As it's a combination of both natural wax and an oil-based wax, it's durable without being harsh.

We've been working hard on this new product for the last 12 months, making sure it's more than capable across different paint types, as well as various weather conditions. We can confidently say that this product out-performs even our expectations.


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