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Top Drops For Spring '22 -
7 min read Tuesday 15 March 2022

Top Drops For Spring '22

Coming In Hot!

What have we been cooking up over winter? Six entirely new products designed by detailers for detailers to get almost unbelievable results, while being extremely quick and easy to use, that's what.

You see, here at Auto Finesse we're all about solving your detailing problems. And, whether that's adding hardy protection in lightning quick time, reviving faded paintwork when there's nowhere to plug in your machine polisher, removing the unsightly scratches that are bringing down the rest of your detail, or any number of detailing challenges that face enthusiasts and trade professionals alike, you can rest assured that we've always got your back.

Dropping on our online store right now, we have a whole new range of bottle products, all specially developed in-house, with application time and the most straightforward usability in mind.

So, here's six brand-new, must-haves that will help push your regular detailing kit to the next level, and far beyond … along with a couple of extra AF surprises for the pros and you most dedicated of detailing enthusiasts.

Graphene Filler Liquid Wax

Searching the detailing world for the toughest paintwork protection out there? Then look no further because this specially developed next-generation super sealant is infused with graphene - one of the hardest substances known to man! In fact, the science speaks for itself here, carbon in the form of graphene is not only 100 times harder than steel, but it's also more flexible than rubber, meaning it comes with the highest possible resistance to chips, knocks and abrasion.

Our advanced liquid formula makes this wonder substance exceptionally quick and easy to apply, it bonds to paintwork on a molecular level to create a layer with extremely high chemical resistance, huge resilience to coating-killing surface corrosion (chiefly caused by road salt) and a high water contact-angle for the most extreme hydrophobic water behaviour and beading. What's more, once applied, the protection simply goes on and on - lasting for up to 8-months!

Oh, and as for the actual finish? Graphene Filler Liquid Wax has been developed to leave behind a wet-look, slick, glossy surface. Trust us when we say, this product is as cutting edge as they come.

Reactive Wheel Cleaner

Speaking of cutting edge, next-level products, we also have Reactive Wheel Cleaner, a powerful blend of cleaning agents, degreasers and an extra special chemical fallout remover capable of dissolving the harshest brake dust and contamination on contact. This little number answers the age-old question of: "Just how often should I decon my wheels?"

Designed to bridge the gap between a traditional wheel cleaner and a heavy-duty ferrous metal fallout remover, Reactive is unique because it's suitable for regular use on all types of painted, powdercoated and lacquered rims.

This heavy-hitting formula safely breaks down, lifts and encapsulates particulate grime and road films allowing them to be safely rinsed from the surface without scratching. It also eliminates the sharpest metal shrapnel (chiefly derived from brake dust), that embeds itself into surfaces and can't be removed by washing alone. When left for extended periods, this type of contamination causes the onset of heavy corrosion, which could lead to structural failure, and can only be eradicated via a reaction to chemically dissolve the metal particles. The special fallout remover blended into Reactive Wheel Cleaner is the solution, it effectively carries out this reaction and safely suspends the contamination in the solution, creating a solute that's ready to be rinsed away.

Reactive is available in 500ml and 1-Litre bottles and can be used on every, single wash to safely deep-clean and decontaminate your wheels, without the fear that comes with using harsh decontamination products that may damage surfaces through regular use.

Wash N Gloss Car Shampoo

A fantastic all-in-one wash and gloss solution, the aptly named Wash N Gloss Car Shampoo is an advanced blend of state-of-the-art surfactants and cleaning agents designed to safely remove grime… but all the while leaving behind a durable ceramic coating. Specially developed to install an ultra-hydrophobic layer of SiO2, Wash N Gloss promotes extreme beading and creates a surface that grime just can't stick to. This not only ensures that surfaces - particularly paintwork - are more resilient to abrasion, but will also make the vehicle easier to clean during routine maintenance. What's more, Silicon Dioxide-based coatings also level the optical finish, making your paint or vinyl wrap instantly appear deeper and glossier.

This product offers the easy way to clean, shine and add (or indeed top up) ceramic protection on every wash… and who doesn't need that in their life?

Renew Paint Restorer

Tired of dull, faded paintwork? Well, you can get that sorted in next to no time with Renew Paint Restorer… and all without the need to break out the machine polisher.

This specially engineered, super-advanced correction compound is packed with special diminishing abrasives that can be easily broken down and worked through by hand. Renew will not only correct minor defects but will also clean away any off-colour oxidation, bringing a new lease of life, and a deep high-gloss finish, to all gloss paint types.

A quick and easy-to-use correction essential, Renew makes the hand polishing process simpler and more effective than ever before.

Ceramic Spray Wax

Grab yourself up to 3-months of SiO2 ceramic protection and extreme water behaviour with nothing more taxing than a spritz and a wipe!

In fact, installing a hard silica barrier to the elements just doesn't come any easier than with our Ceramic Spray Wax. This professional-level finisher brings instant protection, and a whole load of added shine, to any gloss paint or vinyl wrap. Capable of installing a slick, glossy and ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coating, Ceramic Spray Wax has been specially developed to keep your vehicle looking better for longer by effectively beading off water and stopping grime and road films from bonding to your paint or vinyl.

Quick, easy and durable ceramic protection in a bottle, there's nothing better for any busy detailer… especially the speedy ones.

Eliminator Scratch Remover

Designed for targeted use on those annoying, and sometimes thoroughly awkward, scratches like bumper scuffs, abrasions in jambs, shuts and under doorhandles, along with unsightly liner scratches caused by trees and hedges, this advanced compound has been developed to be worked through entirely by hand.

An undeniable detailing masterstroke for every daily driver - not to mention the odd show car and pampered project in a fix - Eliminator Scratch Remover works by removing a microscopic layer of paintwork (or clearcoat) to level down the entire surface to the bottom of the deepest defect. In this way the blemish quickly disappears, and you're left with nothing but a fresh, smooth surface that's free of imperfections, looking glossier than ever, and ready for the application of protection.

In other words, it's obvious that your kitbag should never be without this little detailing lifesaver.

New product sizes for 2022!

Yes, as if our six brand new products isn't enough, we also have some of our most popular wash stage essentials now available in new 2.5 Litre sizes. Offering more product - and a whole load more value - for enthusiasts and professionals alike, we've included a few of the all-time best wash time fundamentals, such as Avalanche Snow Foam, Dynamite Traffic Film Remover and Lather Car Shampoo.

But wait… these are so hot off the press, they're smoking!

And here's one last surprise for the pros and the most dedicated of detailing enthusiasts - just check out the all-round awesome Auto Finesse Bucket Dolly.

This super-tough, industry-grade accessory is designed to take the heavy lifting out of your wash stages and (combined with our Pro Bucket Combo, which includes a sturdy lid), can even act as a rolling stool, perfect for a spot of wheel cleaning, machine polishing, or maybe just taking a well-deserved break.

Developed to fit any detailing bucket up to 280mm diameter, and featuring tough casters (with two lockable brakes), the Bucket Dolly also comes with six integrated product and accessory storage compartments, keeping everything you need, just where you need it.

The ultimate manoeuvrability and control over all your wash solutions? Yep, that's exactly how we roll!

All these products and much more are now available here on our shop


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