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Top Tips, Getting Set For Summer -
5 min read Sunday 03 June 2012

Top Tips, Getting Set For Summer

Summer is almost upon us, now whilst it's important to prepare your car for winter, summer motoring poses its own threats to your vehicles finish. Here are our top 5 detailing tips for getting your car prepared for simple summer cleaning.

1: Preparation

It's a good idea to give your vehicles paintwork a good deep clean at least once a year, so why not now? With good light and weather, spring/summer is a perfect time. We would advise at least giving your paintwork a clay bar treatment and pre-wax cleanser, you can find guides on these processes here: How to clay your car, a guide on polishing your car and all our detailing guides can be found here.

2: Protection

Fading from the sun, air born contaminates and bugs are just a few of the threats summer poses on your paintwork finish, but a good coat of car wax will help protect from the ill effects.

3: Bugs

You know that feeling, you go to wash your car and end up scrubbing off those bugs from all over the front of your car, its hard work and its not ideal for the paint finish. However, an extra coat or two of carnauba wax on the leading edges (front bumper, bonnet, wing mirrors etc) can help prevent them adhering and/or etching the finish, try it out and reap the rewards next time you wash your car.

4: Trim

UV is the biggest threat to trim, faded trim can really age a car, and whilst in most cases, it can be restored, prevention is better than cure. Applying a good trim protectant to exterior trim such as scuttles, and grills are well worth the time and effort.

5: Wiper blades

I know it sounds strange but it's easy to forget about your wiper blades in the summer months, but this is when the highest rate of deterioration occurs. To help keep them in tip-top condition apply a fine coat of trim gel and buff till dry, this will help prevent perishing and protect from the effects of UV damage.


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