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DMPD Finest 2014 -
5 min read Monday 29 September 2014

DMPD Finest 2014

We head out to Belgium for the latest leg of the DMPD show series. After the amazing event the DMPD crew put on at the Enka factory in Holland last year, when we got the invite we just knew we had to get our selves out to this one. The location this year was as out there as the year before it, Doel - a "ghost town" village that is quite possibly the best back drop for a car shoot ever but first we have to tell you about the amazing Hotel they put visitors up in the night before and the car wash!

No slumming for DMPD crew and friends…

We set off on the night ferry and hit the shores of Holland early Saturday morning, heading to the designated hotel the team had arranged everything down to the last detail at the Van Der Valk Hotel. Greeted by the crew and some "reserved parking" on arrival the quality of cars was apparent from the off set, this was the real deal and more and more cars just kept on coming, the atmosphere was electric with some familiar faces and some new ones too. The crew have always looked after us well and this year was no exception, putting us up in suites at the hotel, Simon and Tristan shared the "honey moon suite" whilst we got the VIP suite (with its own private sauna I might add) the bar, the building and the surrounding gardens were impeccable. After we made full use of the facilities, we headed out to set up the first part of the gathering - the pre show car wash meet. A deal had been done with a local car wash centre to hold a "car wash take over" the night before - hey lets face it we all spend the day/night before a show cleaning our cars so why not get together and do it? This was the first trial of the concept for us and the DMPD crew and it worked out so well for everyone. We were on hand with products and samples, expert advise and to lend a hand on the night, around 200 cars tuned up in total making it a bit of a late one when the crew packed up at midnight.

The morning arrived and in true DMPD laid back style the event starting time was "when your ready" with no rush it was a refreshing break from the 5am starts we are accustom too most weekends. A spot of breakfast and we headed out to Doel, "quite possibly the coolest location for a car show on the planet". Doel - A ghost town that has street art on every corner, the village was left to ruin after the properties being brought up by the cooperations for the expansion of the port of Antwerp but due to the fight of the few remaining residents (reportedly 20-30) and the fact the last addition/extension to the port was not yet being used to capacity, the village has been for the most part left to nature and the street artists of Belgium to take hold. The laid back vibe continued throughout, once you arrive you can park up where you like, simply find a cool spot, a building or some street art you like and park up, if you get bored of it, simply move. A popular spot was the old school building in the centre. The ability to move around the streets created a cool feel to the event, as well as looking at the cars in more detail when parked up its nice the real enjoyment came from seeing them rolling through the streets with the derelict buildings and street art as the backdrop…


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