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Petroheadonism Underground 2023 -

Petroheadonism Underground 2023

Thursday 20 April 2023

Forget the cup final, we just had to get ourselves along to the very first car show at the mighty Wembley Stadium

Yes, there's not many car shows that grace our capital city… probably because you actually have to go into London, and who wants to do that anyway? But to be fair, there's was a really good reason to hit the town for this one, and it's because we we're going to weeem-berrrr-leeee!

That's right, the might Wembley Stadium, home to The FA Cup Finals and the iconic venue for such historic events as England bringing home the World Cup in '66, the Macho Man in the ring at WWF Summerslam "92 and, quite obviously, the Cheeky Girls in concert, in 2004. But, forget all that for a second because finally 2023 saw the really big one - Petrolheadonism Underground 23.

As you can imagine, there was no way we weren't going to be there to witness this particular spectacle. So, in true AF style, we set to work loading up our vans with the world's best detailing products and rolling out a few of our top AF project builds - including our OG Caddy, Caddy V2 and our latest little VW Truck project - before getting ourselves "up town' on the Friday night to lay out our stand in time for the onslaught of the weekend ahead...

While we're pretty sure that the fact that this has to be about the best venue in London had a lot to do with it, there was still quite the turnout of amazing cars - and the builds, we have to say, we're right up there with the ones you'll find at some of the biggest shows on the planet.

What we loved most though, was the variety. With everything from the mintest classics to Gumball supercars, street racers and even a few modified creations form the Max Power era, we saw a slice of everything car culture has to offer, all in some very iconic British surroundings… that just happened to be a bit like something out of Tokyo Drift. We also had our Liberty Walk Super Silhouette S15 ready to rock the streets of London, giving us one of the best photo ops in the capital ever… and believe it or not, yes this monster is completely road legal so we were more than happy to get it out and shake a few windows. 

Have swipe through our monster galleries below and you'll see exactly what we mean…

As one of the main sponsors we also got to have a good mooch around and pick our very own award. Obviously, the standard of cars on display was a little epic, and it was a tough choice to say the least, but in the end we gave our Sponsors Choice Award to Adrian Curtis' amazing Datsun 260Z. If there's no school like the old skool then this one has to be the headmaster!

So, that was our weekend at Wembley, and what a stormer it was. Why not get yourself along to the next one? Keep an eye on Petroheadonsim for more events and updates.

Thanks to everyone who popped by the stand, and we'll see you at the next one. In the meantime though, check out the Shows section of our blog for more AF outings.


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