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The AF Liberty Walk S15 Showcased at Goodwood FOS 2022  -

The AF Liberty Walk S15 Showcased at Goodwood FOS 2022

Thursday 30 June 2022

Our Liberty Walk S15 is only just out of the bag and already it's been invited to be showcased for the main man himself

What with the unveiling of our latest big build at Players Classic this season, not to mention all the commotion our Liberty Walk Super Silhouette S15 has caused ever since, you could say that in our eyes there was just one last (but arguably crucial) part of the project left on the cards - an extra special showcase for project for the main man himself - founder and chief designer at Liberty Walk, Wataru Kato.

Of course, getting the seal of approval from a bona fide living legend on the Japanese tuning scene would be the proverbial icing on the cake, but it's not the only reason we found ourselves prepping and transporting our mighty Silvia to the massive Goodwood Festival of Speed this year. In fact, having been invited to show off the project in the Liberty Walk Europe display, we were more than happy to get it along and sitting pride of place on their stand. In fact, we're sure that James, the boss of all things Auto Finesse and the bloke who signs the cheques for this sort of thing, wasn't nervous at all to see 100-odd-grand of his Nissan drag car loaded into a chopped shipping container and hoisted 30-feet into the air, either. It's just something of an added bonus that Kato-san and his crew would be flying in to check out one of the most coveted shows on the European calendar.

But, you know what? It was well worth the effort, and one or two sweaty palms from TeamAF, because with our S15 right at the top of the tree, the Liberty Walk Europe display at Goodwood looked about as immense as is humanly possible. But, aside from all that, what did the man himself, Mr Liberty Walk, think of our latest project? We'd soon find out when the entourage made a their way to the stand…

Of course, there's no denying that the Festival of Speed is a huge deal in itself. One of the biggest, not to mention most exclusive, events on the calendar we also decided that an extra special product AF collaboration with Liberty Walk was in order, too. For this event only we formulated and produced a limited-edition finishing spray which was available to customers on the stand over the course of the show. Oh, and just to make sure that their own project vehicles were up to the pro detailer finishing standard, we brought along one of our detailing vans and got them all looking perfect for the event, too.
But, there's that question again - did Kato-san and his crew fully appreciate the only car in the world (apart from his own Silvia in Japan) sporting the jaw-dropping Liberty Walk Super Silhouette widebody? Well, we guess that this picture says it all - it was thumbs up all round!


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