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The Drivers Collection 2023 -

The Drivers Collection 2023

Wednesday 03 May 2023

We head up to the Drivers Collection for a spot of posh and a whole lot of old skool...

You know what they say, in fact, we've said it ourselves once or twice, but there really is no school like the old skool. It's also one of the reasons why we just can't resist those uber quality events that centre around showcasing only the coolest - not to mention rarest - retro offerings in the car community. And that seems to be exactly what The Drivers Collection is all about, automatically making us big fans of what's become something of a movement.

Of course, there's always a few modern showstoppers to ponder at their events too, but it's mostly about the ultra-special classics, featuring a whole load of weird and wonderful automotive oddities that you just don't expect to see on the road… and certainly not all under the same roof. In fact, you never quite know what you're going to find with TDC and it's exactly these sort of surprises that mean we always look forward to seeing what they're cooking up.

So, with their latest show taking place at the Magna Science Centre in Rotherham we we're more than happy to load up our AirStream pop-up store with a full range of top detailing products and make our way up north for the weekend. Besides, if nothing else, it also offered the perfect opportunity to drag out one of the coolest cars on the Auto Finesse Projects Fleet for it's very first appearance of the 2023 show season - our E28 M535i.

Here's how the weekend went through the eyes of Team AF…

After getting ourselves all set up on the Saturday night we simply couldn't wait for the gates to open on the Sunday. When they finally did, we could quickly see that the variety of cars on display was exactly what we always expected - a heady mix of just about every conceivable classic. From modern classics, to retro classics to, er, seriously retro vintage classics - this show really does have it all. We'll say it again, too, these cars are seriously special, the standard of modifying was right up there with the very best shows on the planet. Be sure to swipe through our galleries below, and you'll see exactly what we mean…

Although, as the headline sponsor, we gave away a whole load of extra special detailing product bundles for each award TDC winner, we also had to pick our own Sponsors Choice Award for our favourite car - never an easy task we have to say. In the end though, after much deliberation we chose this unbelievably surgically clean, better-than-immaculate, Mk2 Escort.

Have a look at the pictures and you'll see that the key to this one really is in the finer details - and absolute stunner and no mistake!

Well, what a great weekend that was, eh? Make sure you get yourselves along to the next TDC event by keeping your eye on the Drivers Collection website for updates.

Thanks to everyone who popped by our stand and helped to make this one such a stunning show. Don't forget for more top event reports, and to see Team AF out and about, you can click onto the Shows section of our blog.


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