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Tucked at the Museum  -

Tucked at the Museum

Friday 06 May 2022

Modified rides, classics, supercars and, er… Harry Redknapp – here’s all the action from Tucked at the Museum

We just love what the guys at Tucked are doing for the UK show scene at the moment - bringing with them their own fully-inclusive brand where you get to see everything car culture has to offer, all the little niches, and everyone is welcome. What we like most though, is their laid-back approach to it all. After all, there's way too many who seem to take the scene so seriously nowadays, right? And there was us thinking it was all about having fun!

In any case, there was no question that we'd be attending their latest event - Tucked At The Museum, in fact, we quickly decided to show our support by becoming the main sponsor. And why not? We're always guaranteed a great day out with Tucked, and offering such a prestigious venue as the world-famous British Motor Museum, it would have been almost rude not to. Here's how the day panned out…

So, what we already know about Tucked is that they create a low-stress environment, so we kind of followed suit and decided on a low stress approach to our stand and pop up shop. There were no big rigs or massive setups to worry about this time, and no HGV's crammed full of freshly-prepped show cars. In fact, because we had quite a few of our sponsored cars wanting to display with us - proper jawdroppers like Olly "@olddub' Broom's awesome Brasilia - we only drove up a couple of vans and our M2 Competition… minus its trailer. Back to our roots, then? Well not exactly, we still had a quite the setup. What is a little more unusual though is, as the British Motor Museum is a fair few miles from our HQ, we headed up the night before, and even stopped for an impromptu jet wash detail en-route to make sure our track-focused BMW was super fresh for the show. Yep, there's no shame in going to a petrol station jet wash if you know what you're doing, is there? (And incidentally you can see more on how you can do the same in our article - Car Wash at the Jet Wash).

Anyway, as you can imagine the morning of the show was an early start, but we're the pros at this game and we had the stand set up well before the gates opened. Actually, in some ways this morning action is our favourite part of any event, chiefly because we get to walk around before it gets seriously busy, checking out the cars and of course, lending a hand with the detailing products. 

But what about the cars on display? Well, we had assumed that, due to the fact it was going to be a reasonably warm May Day Bank Holiday (and possibly because they sold out of display car tickets) that quite a few builds amazing builds would turn out for the day. Our assumption was correct - this event was seriously rammed… even the spectator tickets soon ran out!

For such a chilled show though, what we witnessed on display was actually a pretty accurate representation of the diversity of our scene, everything from modified cars, track weapons, classics and out-and-out supercars were there, and just about everything you could imagine in-between, too. The only rule at tucked then, seems to be that it has to be cool… although even that's at a push - we're not completely sure there are any rules at all. But what do you think? Here's an extra special gallery with just a few of our favourite cars, just so you can see what we're smiling about…

As is customary, there were a few trophies awarded throughout the day and given out by no less than Mr Redknapp himself - nice one Harry! When it came to the Auto Finesse Sponser's Choice Award though, there was certainly plenty to pick from - amazingly clean, detailed motors everywhere you looked. That said, there wasn't many quite as bonkers as this old skool Ford Anglia hot rod. The "Misfit' here has actually been around in different guises for a few years now, and we have to say that it gets better and better every time we see it, with the owner adding more and more amazing details. Originally this had an upright Ford prefect front end, followed by a custom job that looked to be inspired by old American pickups, but we have to say we're loving this new front, that's more in-keeping with the original Anglia. We're big fans of the BBS wheels and BMW 4-pot, too. Anyway, suffice to say that it's just one of those builds where the more you look, the more you discover - and we like that, lots. You can check out more on our well-deserving winner on Instagram @classiqueman.

Thanks to everyone who dropped by the stand and help make it, possibly the most relaxed event we've rolled up to for quite some time. Stay tuned on to see what's up next, and rest assured that we'll see you there! 


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