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Ultimate Dubs 2016 -
5 min read Thursday 17 March 2016

Ultimate Dubs 2016

This is it, the big one, the one you aim for if you're in the VW or wider VAG show scene, its the show where you drop that car you have slaved endless winter nights on or that new set up you lost half the skin off your knuckles chasing to tuck those crazy wide wheels. For us Ultimate Dubs symbolises the creme of the crop, its been the show we aimed two builds towards being unveiled at and this year we unveiled a new set up for our MK2 BBS Golf GTi, the new look incorporates a Westmorland front end (square front light set up) along with the new retro wheels, Magnesium Ronal Racing centre locks, we finished the set up off with a new 80s style Auto Finesse vinyl excited perfectly by our friends at Syco Graphics. The High top made its first appearance sporting the new Porsche set up and the Caddy was rocking the e50s from our Mk2 as a last minute solution whilst its wheels are being re-finished. The new look might just stay a few more shows yet, we kinda like the dish on the rear.

This year the event didn't disappoint, away from our cars and stand there was lots of new cars or new additions to already amazing show vehicles. Hopefully, our video and images do everyone's hard work justice...


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