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A diverse group of likeminded - not to mention detailing-obsessed - professionals, all with the common goal of pushing their businesses further than ever before – that’s exactly what the Auto Finesse Accredited Detailer Network is all about.

Every year we lay on a day at the Academy dedicated solely to the members of our ADN, our tight-knit family of industry associates. There’s fun, food, party games… OK, maybe not the party games, but what our Annual General Meeting does do is give our network of certificated professionals from across the length and breadth of the UK an extra chance to meet up, share tips and techniques, and take a little refresher on the ever-growing Auto Finesse product range.

It’s actually one of the most important days in our calendar, and it means that we can give unrivalled access to our facilities, cars and products. Starting with providing a vehicle or two for honing product knowledge and techniques, and expanding on everything and anything detailing throughout the day. It’s crucial to say that the agenda is led entirely by the ADN team, too. Finding out what we can offer and how we can help is always at the top of our list of priorities… ask and ye shall receive.

What the day also does is gives all members of TeamAF the opportunity to give their social media channels a thorough workout with images that actively promote their businesses. We also lay on a tutorials, helping to brush up on techniques that may only see sporadic use. Development has always been a subject close to our hearts at Auto Finesse, and it’s exactly what we’re keen to offer any ADN member, be that through the sharing of skills, brand management, or advice on maximising their online presence.

Of course, it doesn’t just go one way, either. There’s also plenty of time for us to gain important feedback, and to help us develop effective new products in conjunction with the people in the trade, who use our range day in and day out. After all, we’ve built our name on a collection of top-end products that are simple and easy to use for the home enthusiast, but they still have to stand up to the rigours of the most stringent professional standards, or they simply don’t make the cut.

Most of all, our ADN AGM is about collaboration and the team getting stuck in. Members that have the drive to make use of everything we have to offer are those that find that they will benefit the most. We can only do so much on our end of course, as with any aspect of detailing, you’ll only get out as much as the effort that you’re willing to put in.

Be part of a winning team!

Looking to take your business to the next level? It could be your time to join the Accredited Detailer Network.

The ADN comes with may benefits including; exclusive invites to events and testing days, listing on our Find A Detailer page, unequalled social media support, local job referrals, access to new development and prototype products, the opportunity to sell the Auto Finesse range to your customers, and of course, a massive 30% trade discount.

Perhaps most importantly though, being a part of the ADN proves that you are fully verified and certificated as an industry professional, with the ability to work to the stringent Auto Finesse Accredited Standards. This will open doors for your business, and offer you exposure like never before.

If you’re a professional detailer interested in seeing what being part of our network can do for you, click here to find out more and apply.

Oh, and don’t just take our word for it, either. This is what some of our top ADN detailers say…

Liam - Urban Valets - @urbanvalets

“Being part of a team is great, but being part of a family is even better… and this is definitely one big family. Auto Finesse is the biggest out there, but it’s still an inclusive brand that gives you huge access and makes you feel special as an individual.”

Alan - Kleentec - @kleentec_detailing

“The online engagement from local enthusiasts has been massive since joining the Accredited Detailer Network. What helps my business here is that Auto Finesse give unrivalled support across all their media platforms.”

Danny - DG Automotive - @dg_automotive

“The chance to network with other professional detailers is invaluable, as is the access to the best products and all the referrals that come with being a member of the ADN. All three have been important for pushing my work to the next level.”

Josh - The Features Club - @thefeaturesclub

“You gain so much support it’s actually hard not to win by joining the ADN. This is a detailing family that ultimately protects your investment.”

Sean - Royal Details - @royal.details

“Representing - and being endorsed by - such a big and well-respected brand simply elevates what you do, and how you’re seen to do business.”

Ron - Valetnova - @valetnova

“The ADN to me is about connecting with likeminded detailers as an equal. No one is interested in looking down on anyone, it’s all about mutual collaboration.”

Ryan - RH Autocare - @r.h_autocare

“What’s not to love about the UK’s biggest brand helping with my business? The ADN gives huge reach on social media, and you even get to help prototyping and testing new products.”

Jamie and Liam - Fine Cut Detailing - @finecutdetailing

“It’s exactly what it says – a network. The best thing is that help is always there for those who want it, be that with skill development, branding or even just a push to go further.”

Tom - Niche Valeting and Detailing - @niche_detailing

“The ADN makes the very most of the passion that the pro detailers have for their craft. It’s turned from a group of likeminded colleagues to friends that are always ready to help out and give advice.”

Howard - The Car Genie - @mrcargenie

“The ADN is not only great for networking, it’s amazing for the extra exposure when attending events, too. It’s also the most recognised in the industry, which goes a long way.”

Justin - Artisan Automotive - @artisanautomotive

“This is the best way to get you working with the finest detailers from all over the UK. Everyone loves the exposure of course, but it really is important. It’s not enough to just develop your business - you have to be seen to develop your business, too.”

Apply Now

We offer regular training and accreditation days at the Auto Finesse Academy and have a limited number of ADN places available every year. To find out more, or to apply online, click here.