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Deluxe Wash Mitt

Deluxe Wash Mitt - Microfibre Wash Mitt

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The perfect tool for pampering your paintwork

1200 GSM Microfibre Deluxe Wash Mitt, the perfect tool for pampering your paintwork.

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Categories: Mitts
Product Type: Microfibre Wash Mitt
Product Code: DWM

Constructed from short pile, 1200GSM microfibre, the extremely absorbent Deluxe Wash Mitt has been created to hold the maximum amount of car shampoo solution possible. This simple but important development helps this next-generation wash media lift and lubricate grime more effectively, preventing premature drying during the contact wash stage, while significantly cutting down on the risk of inflicting swirl marks.

This large, 200mm x 200mm super-soft mitt is versatile and effective on every part of your vehicle exterior.  

Built to last, and complete with a high-quality elasticated cuff, our Deluxe Wash Mitt is an all-time detailing staple for a super-safe, two-bucket wash.   

How to use:

Using a bucket of warm fresh water, add two-three cap fulls of the Auto Finesse® PH-neutral Lather car shampoo. Dip the Deluxe Car wash mitt into the water and wash the car panel by panel, working from top to bottom. Make sure to rinse the dirt off after every panel into a separate bucket of clean water. Make sure to leave the dirtier areas till last.


  • Total Size: H 0.00mm x W 0.00mm x D 0.00mm
  • Weight: 100.00g

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