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Originals Wax

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Hand poured and hand painted in the UK

Our Auto Finesse Originals Wax Collection is, without a doubt, the ultimate collectables for the most decerning of detailing connoisseurs.

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Product Type: Limited edition wax
Product Code: OGWAX

This rare collection of strictly limited-edition, ultra-premium car waxes goes way beyond the realms of merely ‘special’ – what we have here is the ultimate series of collectable waxes for the most discerning of detailing connoisseurs!

Conceived way back in 2014, aside from charity auctions and the odd extra special giveaway, these unique small batch waxes have rarely been available for sale to the public. Each hand-poured premium wax comes as a complete one-off and features a 90mm glass pot painstakingly hand-painted by world-famous pinstriper, Neil Melliard - the man behind plenty of the world’s finest old skool racers, hot rods and even F1 cars. And, that’s not to mention the finishing touches he’s applied to many an Auto Finesse project over the years.

With an option for every paint type, and even one for your premium wheels, here's your chance to not only own a genuine piece of artwork, but a piece of history, too. But be quick, The Auto Finesse Originals Waxes are only available while stocks last!


• Hand-poured in the UK

• Large 90mm Glass Pots

• Designed and hand-painted by master painter Neil Melliard

• Each wax is completely unique

• A range for all paint types and alloy wheels

Our unique AF Originals Collection features custom hand-painted variations of our Signature Hard Wax formulas including:

This ultra-durable, hand-blended show wax contains 54% carnauba by volume with the remainder made up of all-natural Beeswax and oils, and has been specially developed to create a flawless finish with hugely added depth and clarity. This highly reflective, wild berry scented wax has a durability of over 6-months.

Specifically developed to bring a dripping wet-look finish to your show car, Illusion is a blend of 48% carnauba, synthetic polymers and gloss-intensifying essential oils with a strawberry-liquorice scent. This high-end blend offers a premium show car finish and durability of up to 3-months.

This apple-fragranced wax is tailored towards enhancing the sparkle in metallic and pearlescent paint finishes and offers crispness and visual clarity like no other product out there. Blended with all-natural waxes and oils (including 50% carnauba), Spirit also offers 4-6 months durability.

Developed for vintage, cellulose and high-solid paint types, this passion fruit scented blend is infused with natural oils that actively nourish older paintwork to bring a new level of gloss and depth. Passion contains 45% Carnauba along with natural beeswax and candelilla wax and offers up to 4-months protection.

Best used to enhance white paint and other light, bright colours, Soul has been engineered to offer a glass-like finish with a natural glossy glow. Highly reflective, mango scented and containing 33% Carnauba, Soul offers 3-months durability.

With up to 8-months of durability, Fusion is a blended, bubblegum-fragranced, wax/sealant hybrid, engineered for the best of both worlds when it comes to offering the looks of a natural wax with the kind of longevity that only a synthetic sealant can provide.

The master all-rounder of the range, Essence is effective on both light and dark cars and designed with effortless application in mind. This extremely versatile finisher is blueberry scented and contains 40% carnauba for 3-months durability.

Mint Rims
A unique blend of synthetic, high-temperature waxes and fast-flashing solvents, Mint Rims is designed to form a physical barrier, sealing wheels from hot, corrosive brake dust and protect against oxidation. This also ensures that other heavy contaminants like road salt and grime will not adhere to the surface. Mint Rims is safe for use on any alloy wheel finish, including specialist items like anodised, chrome and bare metal wheels, introducing a high gloss finish and helping to reduce both maintenance cleaning and the need for dedicated wheel cleaners. With no curing time, this synthetic wax can be layered immediately, and it offers up to 3 months protection.

For more on the story of these stunning AF Originals Waxes, check out our article – The AF Originals Are Back.


  • Total Size: H 0.00mm x W 0.00mm x D 0.00mm
  • Weight: 1,000.00g

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