Product Information

Product Type: Detailing Kit
Product Code: BNDLE-FLG

This is the collaboration you have been waiting for, where style and substance combine to bring you a limited edition range to celebrate the friendship of two brands. Auto Finesse X FLGNTLT. 

Cruise & Shine Bundle, no, you're not going to the beach, you're pulling up and prepping your car in style at the event with your 3 show essentials, Finale Quick Detailer, Satin Tyre Creme, and top it off with our summer breeze aroma spray. Alongside the special edition Aqua Deluxe towel. 

Product Summary

  • Finale quick detailer 500ml
  • Satin tyre creme 500ml
  • Aroma air freshener spray 250ml
  • Deluxe drying towel 

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