The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

The AF Professional Series Has Landed!

You may have heard the rumours - and we've certainly had these pop up on our social media channels here and there - but, after 3-years of the most exhaustive development and real-world testing, our Professional Series Compounds is ready to take the pro detailing industry by storm.

This new collection of extra special correction and restoration products may be aimed squarely at trade professionals looking to get the best results in the fastest possible time. But, by utilising advanced abrasive technology, they also make professional results more accessible to every detailing enthusiast, even those with limited machine polishing experience.

In fact, our new trio of pro-grade compounds have undergone more intensive development time than any other product in our range, including extensive testing by over 25 industry-leading professional detailers around the world. But, then again, you just can't rush perfection, can you? And what this epic collaboration has created isn't just an advanced range of singular polishing compounds, but an entire next-generation vehicle restoration, polishing and finishing system.

Each of our compounds is great for stand-alone use of course, but they're also designed to perfectly complement the next cutting or finishing step. This means that any multi-stage correction can be completed quickly and effectively, achieving results to the highest professional standard. No expense has been spared to ensure that our advanced compound formulas surpass the performance of every other paint correction product on the market.

Ranging from our coarse Heavy Cutting Compound, through to our Medium Polishing Compound and Fine Finishing Compound, every task is covered without the need for any other abrasive products. Each of these custom-formulated solutions is also packed with advanced diminishing abrasives suspended in an emulsion to deliver a range of cut that far exceeds any leading polishing product. Because of these advanced characteristics our Professional Series Compounds are not only capable of offering higher levels of cut, but they finish down further than traditional polishes to offer the sort clarity and gloss that simply can't be produced by any comparable compound. These oil, wax and silicone-free, low-dust compounds are suitable for use on any gloss paint type and will leave nothing behind to interfere with the application of any type of protection layer.

Even our new compound bottles have been designed with professional use in mind. Each is fitted with a professional lift-up nozzle cap for ease of application on your polishing pads, and comes in a large 1-litre capacity to ensure economical use over multiple vehicles. But of course, while the all-new compounds are the flagship products, that's not all there is to our Professional Series Range…

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

To perfectly complement our Pro Series Compounds, we've also been busy designing a whole host of supporting products to help you find the ultimate detailer's combo for every correction task.

Developed alongside our advanced abrasive formulas, we're launching a range of Professional Series Polishing Pads to help accomplish the ultimate finish when using any 5-inch dual action machine polisher. Along with specially-developed Professional Series Polishing Pucks for superior results when hand polishing. Each of these open cell foam pads has been designed from the ground up to provide the pro grade accessories to help you achieve unrivalled results every time you detail.

Let's take a closer look at the whole Auto Finesse Professional Series Range…

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

Professional Series No.36 Heavy Cutting Compound

Developed for removing the harshest paint defects, such as deep scratches and heavy swirl marks, our No.36 Heavy Cutting Compound is capable of intense restoration work and extreme blemish removal on all heavily-weathered paint surfaces.

Suitable for use on any gloss paint type, this heavy-hitting compound offers the highest levels of cut required for professional paint restoration, but with a finishing down capability that far surpasses that of any traditional coarse cutting compound.

Ideal for the first stage of heavy paint correction and restoration processes, our Heavy Cutting Compound is designed to level down panted and clear coated surfaces with ease, and capable of eradicating sanding marks of up to 1500-grit.

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Professional Series No.23 Medium Polishing Compound

Capable of eliminating the most common paint defects found in professional detailing - including medium scratches, light to medium swirl marks, heavy oxidation and holograms from heavy cutting processes - our No.23 Medium Polishing Compound offers an extended range of cut that simply can't be found with traditional polishing products.

Using advanced diminishing abrasives which fully break down to produce a higher clarity and level of gloss than is usual at this stage, this product makes subsequent finishing processes easier and more effective than ever before.

This Medium Polishing Compound is suitable for the first or second step of multi-stage correction process, and ideal for the fast re-working and reconditioning of any medium to heavily weathered gloss paint type.

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

Professional Series No.15 Fine Finishing Compound

Specifically engineered to create a flawless finish with unrivalled gloss and clarity, our No.15 Fine Finishing Compound is designed for use immediately after your medium cutting stage. Capable of removing light swirling, marring and paint oxidation, this product has been developed to push the finishing process even further by using the finest diminishing abrasives available. These break down to microscopic polishing particles as the compound is fully worked through producing the highest levels of gloss and clarity.

This supreme paintwork refiner has been developed to correct and enhance all clear coat and painted surfaces to leave behind a flawless finish, but also perfectly prepares top layers to accept the strongest bonding from post-polishing protection layers such as natural waxes, paint sealants or ceramic coatings.

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

Professional Series Polishing Pads

Developed in conjunction with the Professional Series Compounds, our Professional Series Polishing Pads are designed to cater for every level of restoration, cutting and finishing. With varying densities tailored to each correction process, these next-generation machine polishing pads are colour-coded for easily identification and to help you to find the perfect combo for each task, complementing your compound, no matter the correction stage in question.

Constructed from advanced, open cell foam - which actively collects and locks away spent polish residues - these exceptional quality, extremely durable pads offer the highest elastic and tensile strength available, making them ideal for repeated use on both flat and contoured panels.

Tapered for increased control when polishing awkward areas, particularly where there's increased risk of contact with sensitive exterior trim, each pad features a chamfered edge and a central recess to help prevent compound clogging during prolonged machine polishing. Our Professional Series Pads also come complete with a strong hook and loop rear face to fit all popular professional 5-inch backing plates, including those fitted to our DPX and MPX Dual Action Machine Polishers.

Supplied in packs of two, our Professional Series Polishing Pads are available as No.36 Heavy Cutting Pads in purple, No.23 Medium Polishing Pads in teal and No.15 Fine Finishing Pads in grey.

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

Professional Series Polishing Pucks

Our Professional Series Polishing Pucks utilise the same advanced foam as our 5-inch Professional Series Polishing Pads, and offer a unique solution to make all hand polishing processes simple. Both when working on large panels and during more targeted spot correction. These supreme products are also useful for achieving superior results on awkward areas during any machine polishing process - areas such as pilar trims, gloss plastics, taillights and small panels - where a large machine polisher isn't suitable and a compact machine polisher isn't available.

These 100mm colour-coded open cell foam pads come complete with a heavy-duty ergonomic grip, based on our award-winning Handi Puck System. This feature is not only ideal for enhancing comfort during any prolonged polishing stage, but actively increases the purchase of the polishing face on the surface, helping to work abrasive compounds through more quickly and effectively for professional results.

Supplied in packs of two, our Professional Series Polishing Pucks are available as No.36 Heavy Cutting Pucks in purple, No.23 Medium Polishing Pucks in teal and No.15 Fine Finishing Pucks in grey.

The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range - The Auto Finesse Professional Series Range

For more information on the science abrasives and how you can use the to achieve the perfect finish, check out our article - The Basic Guide To Machine Polishing.

Our entire Professional Series Range is available to all customers - in store and our online shop. You can take a quick look bellow.

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