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Clean Your Car With Our Car Detailing Products

With our car detailing products we make it easy to bring out the best in your vehicle. We take pride in providing the best car detailing products to take any car wash, car valet or full detail to the next level. From car cleaning essentials to the most specialist car detailing products, our range not only makes it easy to clean your car but we’ve also got you covered with the best detailing products for every other process in the wide world of car detailing.
Developed by detailers for detailers, our car detailing products offer the best quality, best value and ultimately the best results. By using Auto Finesse Car Detailing Products we can help you ensure that your car shines for years to come.
From the car wash stages, right thorough to decontamination, polishing, protection and finishing we guarantee you the highest quality, world-class car detailing products to ensure that you get the ultimate results every time you clean your car.

Car Care: Polishing To Perfection

We offer the best-grade car detailing products to bring back the shine on even the dullest paintwork. By using our premium car detailing products, you will always achieve a better look during any car wash, car
valet or full detail. Cleaning your car using our premium-quality cleaning products will always make a huge difference to the aesthetics of your vehicle. We offer the best car cleaning products on the market, car detailing products that have been specifically designed to be easy to use inside and out.
For the best results make sure you use Auto Finesse detailing products every time you clean your car.

1) What products are good for car detailing?
A variety of products are required to clean your car, protect its aesthetics,
and enhance the vehicle’s appearance. From car wash soaps to clay
bars, microfiber towels, tyre cleaners, and detailing brushes, there are
several car detailing products to choose from. However, car cleaning
products depend on several factors, like your budget, the condition of the
vehicle, and your detailing goals.

2) Is professional detailing worth it?
Compared to your DIY efforts, professional car detailing will yield better
results as high-quality products are used for cleaning, polishing, and
protecting your vehicle. At the end of it all, your car will get a showroom-
quality finish, thereby increasing its resale price over time.

3) What do professional car detailers use to clean interior?
There are a variety of products used by professional car detailers to clean
interiors. From air fresheners to interior disinfectant to microfiber cleaning
cloths, there is also a comprehensive interior protection kit for cleaning
the interiors. Check out our range of products and choose the one that
serves your purpose.

4) Does snow foam actually work?
If the car is covered with dirt and grime, then snow foam is an excellent
product to use. Snow foam can soften the grime and dirt that lies on the
vehicle’s paintwork. It's easy to wash off and can protect the vehicle from
damage. Snow foams can remove 95% of the dirt and grime but should
be used as a pre-wash treatment.

5) Do you rinse cars before applying snow foam?
No, you should not rinse your car before applying snow foam. While a lot
of people would advise you to rinse off the car before you start, it would
hamper rather than help. This is because snow foam gets diluted and
runs off, which means it’s no longer effective to whisk away the dirt and
grime. Foaming should come first, as it loosens up the dirt and grime, and
then, when you rinse, it comes off more easily.

6) Is ceramic coating good for your car?
Yes, ceramic coating is excellent for your car. It protects the vehicle from
scratches and UV rays and improves the shine of the paint, making the
maintenance of the vehicle easier. With ceramic coating, your car will
shine and look glossy, as if it’s just out of the factory.

7) What is the difference between a solid wax and a ceramic coat?
While both are used to protect the car and enhance its appearance, wax
adds a glow to the car and maintains its shine. On the other hand,
ceramic coating is a more durable product and protects the car against
UV radiation, water, soil, and chemical contamination.

8) What is the best car polisher to buy?
We would suggest and highly recommend you go for single-stage car
polish. This product is a game changer, as it can remove swirl marks and
other stubborn defects to provide a flawless finish in one single step.

9) Will a car polisher remove scratches?
An honest answer would be that car polishes do reduce scratches but
cannot completely eliminate them. Polishes have abrasive particles that
cut the edges of the scratches, making them blend better with the paint
surrounding them. Some of the polishes can fill in the scratches with their
particles reflecting light or might have pigment that matches the paint

10) Which cloth is best for car washing?
Microfibre cloth is excellent for car washing. They can be used both on the
exterior and interior of the vehicle, as well as in dry and wet conditions.
Microfiber cloths are soft to the touch, highly absorbent, gentle on the
car’s paintwork, and can effectively pick up grime and dirt without leaving
behind swirl marks and scratches.

11) What is the difference between a microfiber towel and a normal

Microfiber towels are definitely better for car cleaning than the regular
ones. This is because they are made from tiny fibres and are ideal for
cleaning sensitive items like glass and other electronics. The microfiber
towels are highly absorbent and can easily attract dirt and dust while
being gentle on the car’s surface.

12) Are microfiber towels good for cars?
Yes. They are a perfect choice for car cleaning. They are highly absorbent,
non-abrasive, and dry up quickly, thereby preventing bacterial growth.
The microfiber towels can easily pick up dirt, dust, and grease from the
surface without causing any damage.

13) Do microfiber towels leave scratches?
High-quality microfiber towels are soft and gentle on the car’s surface,
which means that they won't scratch off the paint easily. You can go for
high-quality microfiber cloths like superior waffle primo plush and
microweed to get a perfectly cleaned and polished car surface devoid of
any scratches. However, a lot depends on how you are using the
microfiber towels, as incorrect usage might lead to the cloth scratching
off the paint from the surface.

14) What is the best air freshener for a car?
It’s important to invest in a long-lasting air freshener for your car, and we
suggest you choose a Coconut Air Freshener or a Retro Air Freshener to
enhance the vintage appeal of your car. You will find the most exotic and
exclusive range of air fresheners at Auto Finesse.

15) Where is the best place to spray car freshener?
You need to spray the car freshener in places where the fragrances are
effectively distributed. Spray the car freshener into the air vents,
underneath the seats, in the trunk area, upholstery, door panels, and even
on the floor mats and carpet surfaces. Avoid spraying the freshener on
surfaces that are sensitive to fragrance and prone to staining.

16) Does traffic film remover work?
Traffic film remover (TFR) is a highly effective cleaning solution to break
down tough stains and dirt without putting in much effort. They are
stronger than wax, snow foam, car shampoos, and neutral pH washes.
This chemical-based car cleaner removes road grime without causing
any damage to the car’s paint or its mechanical parts.

17) Can you use TFR on alloy wheels?
Yes, TFR can be used on the alloy wheels as well, as it is a citrus pre-wash
solution that eliminates dirt and grime from the exterior surface of the
vehicle, like wheels, door jambs, arches, and paintwork. It can be used as a
sanitizer and degreaser, as you can spray it on the tyres and wheels and
leave it for 5 minutes and then wash it off. It's easy to use and works
fabulously on brake dust and road muck.

18) What is the best drying cloth for a car?
Microfiber drying towels are an excellent choice for your car, as they
smoothly glide over glass and paintwork and are super absorbent too.
You can choose the silk drying towel, the Aqua Deluxe towel, and more!

19) Is ceramic car wax better than regular wax?
If you prioritise protection over shine, then ceramic car wax is a better
choice than regular wax. The ceramic car wax is a durable protectant that
repels water and soil and can withstand UV radiation and chemical

20) Can leather car seats be cleaned?
Yes, you can clean leather seats with HIDE CLEANSER. It’s highly
recommended, as it's a micro-cleaning solution designed for removing
ingrained dirt from the car's leather seats. The formulation is gentle and
ideal for regular use. However, don't use abrasive agents for cleaning
leather seats as it might cause irreparable damage.

21) What is the best wheel cleaner?
It depends on the type of wheel that you need to clean, whether it's
chrome, alloy, or painted. It also depends on the level of dirt and brake
dust buildup. However, ensure that you opt for acid-free formulations that
are safe, gentle, yet effective to remove dirt and grime without the need
for scrubbing.

22) What's the best thing to clean car wheels with?
While many people use baking soda, toothpaste, and dish soap, they're
definitely not recommended as they won't clean the wheels effectively.
We suggest you opt for acid-free all-purpose cleaners, as they are gentle
yet highly effective at removing all the dirt, dust, and grime from the

23) What is the best thing to use to clean the exterior of a car?
Cleaning the car exterior is easy if you purchase a car polishing kit.
However, it depends on several factors, like the vehicle’s paint, personal
preferences, and the type of contaminants that are present. You should
also analyse the condition of the car and the desired level of protection.
From snow foam to citrus pre-wash, you will find a complete car cleaning
kit at Auto Finesse.

24) Is wax coating good for cars?
Yes, with a wax coating, the car will be protected from dust, pollution,
water, and even UV radiation. The wax coating acts as a protective layer
to shield your vehicle from scratches and deliver a warm and glossy glow.

25) What is the best wax protection for a car?
Deciding on the best wax protection for a car depends on several factors,
like the type of paint on your vehicle and the level of protection that's
desired. You can opt for spray car wax, as they are easy to apply and offer
a glossy finish too. Spray waxes offer a speedy finish and protect the car’s
surface for 4 weeks at a stretch.

26) Are wheel brushes safe?
Yes, most of the wheel brushes are completely safe to use and won't
cause any damage to the finish of your car. However, it's important to
choose the right type of brush for specific wheels, as you might need
different brushes for different car parts. This helps to reduce the chances
of scratching the delicate surfaces while brushing the car.

27) What does a wheel brush do?
Wheel brushes are designed to reach places where the typical rag wont.
Wheel brushes are used for surface preparation and finishing. They help
to clean, polish, edge blend, and deburr a few of the applications.

28) What is the best thing to clean glass with?
We suggest you use Auto Finesse Crystal Car Glass Cleaner to clean the
glass of your car. It’s safe to use on tinted windows, ammonia-free, easy
to use, and offers streak-free results for a crystal-clear finish.