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A selection of leather care cleaners and conditioners developed to clean, protect and nourish you leather interior.

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Revitalise Your Interior With the Best Leather Cleaners for Cars

Enhance your driving experience with the best leather cleaners for cars, meticulously crafted to ensure the beauty and longevity of your vehicle’s interior. Our premium car leather cleaning products exemplify our commitment to excellence and quality. We offer the best leather cleaners for cars to eradicate stains, dirt, and grime without compromising the integrity of your leather upholstery.

Our interior leather cleaning products are the first choice of many specialist detailers and restorers around the world. From seats and steering wheels to dashboards and trim, our products are trusted by specialists and professionals to enhance and protect valuable, and potentially sensitive, leather surfaces.

Our extensive collection of car leather cleaners are designed to clean, protect and get the best out of all your leather materials.

Our Best-Selling Leather Cleaners for Cars

At Auto Finesse, we know you love the look and feel of your leather interior, so we have carefully engineered our leather cleaning products to remove stains and dirt without harming the natural leather surface. All our car cleaners have been designed with ease of use in mind. Whether you are a seasoned enthusiast or a professional detailer, we have the ideal car leather cleaner for you. Our selection of car leather cleaning products includes:

Car Leather Cleaner

Hide Leather Cleanser is a glycerine-based deep cleaner capable of removing the most ground-in stains… but it will never dry out your leather, even under regular use. Specifically formulated to be gentle enough not to damage leather surfaces but tough enough to fully penetrate the leather pores, Hide quickly lifts and encapsulates potentially harmful particles and stains such as body oils and denim dye transfer to leave behind a factory finish. The best leather cleaner for cars Hide Leather Cleanser is a must in any serious detailing kit.

Car Leather Conditioner

Hide Leather Conditioner has been designed to nourish and safeguard all types of leather surfaces. Enriched with essential oils this conditioner and barrier cream moisturises and rejuvenates natural leather, restoring its luxurious look and feel while providing long-lasting protection against premature ageing caused by drying and UV damage.

Upholstery Brush

With soft natural bristles, our Upholstery Brush is ideal for agitating interior cleaners to effectively loosen and remove dirt and debris. To get the very best from any interior cleaning product effective agitation is key. This process isn’t about physical scrubbing but the best way to ensure that your cleaning agent makes contact with every hard-to-reach area. Agitation also serves to move away and spent cleaning solution, refreshing the area with fresh solution to work on any remaining contamination.

Microfibre Cleaning Cloths

Microfibre cleaning cloths are an essential detailing accessory for cleaning leather surfaces. Our general purpose Microfibre Work Cloths are constructed from 300GSM, short pile microfiber making them are ideal for soaking up, wiping away residues and final buffing of the best car leather cleaning products.

Leather Detailing Kit

Now you can get all the products you need in one go with our cost-effective Leather Cleaning Kit. This all-inclusive interior detailing kit includes Hide Leather Cleanser, Hide Leather Conditioner, our Upholstery Brush and all the microfibre accessories you need to clean and condition your leather interior. We’ve even added a Hanging Air Freshener as the perfect finishing touch.

Ceramic Coating Kit

Our Caramics Interior Protection Kit is the answer to long-lasting ceramic protection for your interior leather surfaces, along with fabric upholstery, too. Capable of installing a 12-month-durable ceramic coating for a hardy barrier against spills, dirt and the harmful effects of UV rays, this kit gives the ultimate in interior protection and durability. Keep your leather surfaces looking pristine for longer with ceramic coating technology.

The Auto Finesse Approach

At Auto Finesse, we believe in delivering excellence at every step of the customer journey. Three main principles form the foundation of our detailing product range. These include:


We constantly strive to innovate and improve our products to stay ahead of the curve and satisfy the evolving needs of modern-day car owners.


We are dedicated to providing our customers with the best interior and exterior cleaning products for cars that meet the highest standards of durability and performance.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to surpass customer expectations by offering exceptional car cleaning products that enhance their vehicle and their detailing experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why should I use a leather cleaner?

Car leather is subject to all types of contamination including body oils, sweat, spills, makeup stains, dye transfer and general grime that can become ingrained in the surface. Our best leather cleaners are carefully formulated so that they are strong enough to remove these types of contamination but gentle enough to preserve the relativity sensitive natural surface. Our Hide Leather Cleanser is specifically designed not to damage the top coat, top layer or strip the oils from the leather itself.

2. How often should I clean my vehicle’s leather interior?

We recommend cleaning your leather interior at least once a month to remove surface dust and prevent grime build-up. However, more frequent cleaning will be required for cars that see heavy use and increased soiling. This will ensure consistent care for your vehicle’s leather upholstery. Ideally you should lightly clean your leather interior every time you maintenance wash your car, with periodic deep-cleaning in-between.

4. Is leather cleaner safe for all types of leather?

Certainly. Our leather cleaning and conditioning products are designed with precision and care to be safe for use on all kinds of leather, be it natural leather, treated leather, synthetic leather, or leatherette.

5. Can I use household cleaners on my leather seats?

We advise against cleaning leather surfaces with household cleaners as they often contain harsh chemicals that could dry out and deteriorate the leather. Car interiors can be more sensitive than household furnishings which is why we always recommend using leather cleaning products specifically designed for detailing.

6. Will leather conditioning make my car’s seats slippery?

No, our Hide Leather conditioner is designed to penetrate the pores and soak into the leather rapidly leaving a non-greasy, factory-like finish. Can the leather cleaner handle older or heavily soiled leather? Absolutely. Our Hide Leather Cleanser is adept at tackling the worst grime, dirt, and stains on all leather types, regardless of age or condition. Heavily soiled areas are not a problem making Hide ideal for restorations as well as general cleaning.