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How To Set Up Your Foaming Pressure Sprayer

Switch between snow foam and spray-on cleaners, even on the go, with our versatile Foaming Pressure Sprayer...

Five Detailing Stages You NEED To Know Course

From single-stage enhancements and maintenance details right through to full multistage corrections, adding protection and revitalising any interior follow our course to learn what you need to know.

Getting The Most From Lavish Ceramic Foam

Lavish Ceramic Foam is one of our most popular protection products, here's how it works and how you can get the best hydrophobic performance...

50 Top Detailing Tips

A full half-century of professional tricks and tips put together specifically to push your detailing to the next level.

Engine Bay Cleaning Modern vs Classic Course

Our Engine Bay Cleaning Modern vs Classic Course covers every stage from the moment you lift your bonnet, right through to getting a professional, long-lasting finish.

Wet Sanding Explained Course

We tackle one of the most daunting tasks of detailing and teach you the basics of Wet Sanding in our step-by-step course.

The Ultimate Business Set Up Course

Earn an income from doing something that you love with industry leading advice from the Auto Finesse founder, James Batty.

Back To Basics Course

The key to becoming a successful detailer is getting the basics right. Here we complete the step-by-step process of a full detail from start to finish.

Mobile Detail: Maintenance Valet Course

Join us as we get out on the road and talk you through the process of a full maintenance valet.

Mobile Detail: Interior Deep Clean Course

Designed for Professional Mobile Detailers and Valeters join us as we talk you through the process of the best Interior Deep Clean.