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Our range of hand-made car waxes have been developed to offer a wide range of advantages, from months of durability to dripping-wet show car looks.

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Auto Finesse – A Leading Provider of Rich and Premium Car Waxes

Welcome to Auto Finesse, the manufacturer and supplier of wax polishes for cars. Our waxes are unique and formulated with only the best ngredients. Since the paint job of vehicles hardly lasts forever, we provide all car enthusiasts, professional detailers, car owners and fleet managers with a simple and reasonable way to restore the value of their rides. You may view our products as mere coatings to improve the aesthetics, but our bundles also do their best to safeguard the car exterior from road salt, airborne pollutants, weather and dirt. Get flawless car wax protection with us!

Keep Your Car in Fine Fettle with the Best Car Waxes from Auto Finesse

We have over 20,000 reviews, the majority of which are 5 stars. It can be confusing to choose among them. Let us introduce you to the best-selling products in our collection.

  • Graphene: It’s a high-performing sealant, promising ultra-hydrophobic car wax protection for almost a year. Super easy to use, it’s a new twist on an old-school detailing product.
  • Radiance: Have you used any of our products from the hard wax collection? Radiance carnauba wax crème offers a wet-look gloss similar to theirs. It is quick and easy to apply, lasting for about 3 months.
  • Essence: It’s an all-rounder in the car wax category, perfect for brightening vehicle surfaces while leaving behind a lovely blueberry scent. It’s a hand-blended formulation made only from natural but super-effective ingredients.
  • Fusion: It’s an amazing blend of higher-grade synthetic polymers and Brazilian T1-grade carnauba. Enjoy the long-lasting durability of a handmade paint sealant with the warm look of natural hard car wax.

Explore more such handmade car waxes online from our collection!

Ergonomic Foam Applicators for Smooth Wax Coverage

We guarantee a showroom-worthy finish on your ride. You only need to equip yourself with the right foam applicator to level up your waxing ritual. Aiming to render a professional touch? Our set of foam applicators, mostly flat, assures the same. Whether you are working on your car’s roof or hood, our applicants are guaranteed to help you spread the wax evenly without leaving behind scratches, streaks, or swirl marks. The best part? Waxmate XL or Handi Puck, enjoy an ergonomic design for ease of use. The latter can also help you cover a wide range of detailing tasks, including paintwork decontamination, cleaning and dressing, in addition to waxing.

FAQ on Car Waxes

Is a car wax the same thing as a polish?

The two terms, often used interchangeably, are not the same. While car wax offers a protective layer, car polish works its way to eliminate minor scratches, imperfections and swirl marks to bring about an unrivalled shine.

How frequently should you indulge in car waxing?

Usually, a high-quality wax, when applied to cars, retains the mirror-like finish for 3 months. The ones available with Auto Finesse are no exception.

Can car waxes hide swirls and scratches?

We often get this enquiry a lot. Honestly, even if you apply the best car wax to your vehicle, it will never penetrate the marks to fill them and level up the exterior. It will only add a layer of car wax protection and glaze to your ride.

Are your car waxes suitable for different paint types?

In the UK, paint finishes can be metallic, solid, matte, two-tone or pearlescent. Our professional-grade sealants work on all of them, leaving behind a wet look that shines on all vehicle surfaces. Graphene is a remarkable example of it.

Is there a need for a second coat of wax?

Speaking of benefits, a second coat of car wax works on the warmth and depth of paintwork. Owners of show cars and pampered vehicles can go ahead with the idea without a shadow of a doubt. The only hack is to apply the formula as thinly as possible, resting the vehicle for at least 3-4 hours before putting in a second coating.

How can a wax benefit your car?

Car waxes can prevent the paint on your ride from fading and deteriorating. The same formulation renders more shine while repelling water from beading up on the surface. When properly applied, the coating can also shield the vehicular paint from damage caused by dust, dirt, bird droppings, grime on the road and tree sap.

Is it good to apply car wax to your ride?

Apart from the benefits, the best car wax works to improve the longevity of four-wheelers. The only catch is that you must apply only a thin layer to the paint job for the ultimate shine.

What other item is necessary for car waxing?

Besides car waxes and flat foam applicators, you will need microfibre polish pads and microfibre cloths. While the prior provides complete control over the application, the latter makes residual removal easy. At Auto Finesse, we have both items available within our collection. Our micro tweed towel is a must-have when purchasing wax polish for cars to lift away residues.