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Enhance Your Detail with Our Car Wheel Cleaning Products

We have always been passionate about assisting budding detailers to take their car care routine to
the next level. With our range of the best car wheel cleaning products and accessories you can
quickly and easily leave a lasting impression after every single detail.

One component of automotive detailing that always comes first is cleaning the wheels and tyres
on any vehicle. We carry out the wheel cleaning process first to prevent the spread of the worst
contamination to other more sensitive areas, such as paintwork.

Cleansing alloy wheels effectively can be a difficult task as these suffer from prolonged exposure to the heaviest and most harmful contamination, but our wheel cleaning products make the process easier than ever. Brake dust, grime, tar and road salt from the road will accumulate on wheels, causing corrosion if left on surfaces for extended periods. Dirt and other debris will often become even more concentrated in difficult-to-reach areas like the lug nut recesses, behind the spokes, and the wheel barrels.

Auto Finesse has a comprehensive range of premium wheel cleaning products and accessories
designed to achieve the best professional results at home.

Types of Wheel Cleaning Products In Our Range

At Auto Finesse we offer a comprehensive range of high-quality wheel and tyre cleaning products,
along with the best accessories, to keep your alloys looking their best. Whether you are a car enthusiast or just want to maintain the appearance of your vehicle, we have everything you need to achieve professional-level results.

Our product range includes:

Wheel Brush

Our specially designed brush features soft bristles that gently clean your wheels without scratching. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, even when tackling tough grime.

Alloy Wheel Cleaner Sprays

Specially formulated to safely remove tough stains and residues from alloy wheels, our range of
wheel cleaner sprays have been designed for powerful cleaning while being extremely easy-to-
use. Choose from detailing staples such as our acid-free Imperial Wheel Cleaner which is suitable
for all painted and powder-coated finishes, and Reactive Wheel Cleaner which contains a fallout
remover to chemically remove ingrained metal contamination derived from brake dust. We also
have our specialist rubber cleaner – Tread Tyre Cleaner, designed for the most powerful cleaning
on all tyre sidewalls and tread.

Fallout Remover

Perfect for eliminating stubborn contaminants like brake dust and iron particles, our fallout remover ensures a thorough cleaning of your wheels for a pristine finish.

Wheel Protection Kit

Protect your car’s wheels from the elements with our durable sealant that repels dirt, water, and brake dust. The kit includes everything you need for an easy application.

Pump Sprayer

Auto Finesse’s pump sprayer makes it easy to apply cleaning solutions evenly onto your wheels, ensuring efficient coverage and maximum cleaning power.

Bucket and Grit Guard

Our grit guard will sit at the bottom of your wash bucket, trapping dirt and debris to prevent it from scratching your wheels.

Acid-Free Wheel Cleaner

Our gentle, pH-neutral formula is safe for all wheel finishes. Be it polished, painted, or chrome finishes, our acid-free wheel cleaner is perfectly safe for use on all types of wheels

Wheel Wax and Shampoo

Keep your wheels protected and looking their best with our wheel wax and shampoo, specially formulated to offer long-lasting shine and protection against the elements.

Foam Applicator & Kneeling Pad

Our comfortable kneeling pad protects your knees while you work on your wheels. The foam applicator helps you evenly apply cleaning solutions and protectants.

Detailing Brush Set

Our set of various-sized brushes allows you to reach into all the nooks and crannies of your wheels for a thorough clean.

Cleaning Kit

Our comprehensive car wheel cleaning kit includes everything you need to clean and protect your wheels, from wheel cleaner and tyre shine to applicators and brushes.

Our Approach to Wheel Care

At Auto Finesse, we adhere to the belief that perfection should be provided at every turn. Our team of professionals is committed to offering you the information, tools, and encouragement you need to meet your auto care objectives. Our strategy is focused on:


We constantly research and develop new techniques and formulations to stay ahead of the competition and meet the evolving needs of our customers.

Quality Control

We procure the best components and ingredients to guarantee the efficiency and dependability of our products. Furthermore, we test all our wheel cleaning supplies to make sure they meet our high standards of performance.

Customer Satisfaction

We always put your satisfaction first. To surpass your expectations, our team works hard to deliver great products and unmatched customer service.

Our dedicated team goes above and beyond to help you find the best-in-class products for your wheel cleaning needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What makes Auto Finesse wheel cleaning products stand out?

Our wheel cleaning supplies are specially formulated with high-quality ingredients to provide superior cleaning power without causing any  damage to your wheels.

2. Are Auto Finesse cleaning products safe for use on all types of vehicles?

Yes, our cleaning products are specifically formulated to be safe for use on an extensive selection of wheel finishes, including chrome, alloy, polished, and painted wheels.

3. Do I need to use a separate cleaner for brake dust?

No, our cleaners are designed to effectively remove brake dust, along with other grime and dust, without the need for additional cleaners.

4. Can I use Auto Finesse wheel cleaning supplies with other detailing products?

Absolutely! Our wheel cleaners are compatible with other detailing  products, letting you customise your car routine to cater to your needs.

5. Do your wheel cleaners contain any harmful chemicals?

No, each of our cleaners is formulated to be gentle yet effective, without the use of harsh chemicals that could potentially cause damage to your wheels or harm the environment.

6. How often do I need to clean my wheels with Auto Finesse products?

We recommend cleaning your wheels regularly as part of your regular car washing routine. This will prevent the buildup of brake dust and contaminants.

7. Do your wheel cleansing products leave behind any residue?

No, all our products are expertly designed to rinse away cleanly. This means they will leave your wheels with a glossy and streak-free finish.