Detailing Kits

We understand product selection can often be difficult. This is why we have a range of detailing kits that will help you choose the right products for the job in hand. ALL kits include a 10% saving.

Grab All Your Car Detailing Essentials In One Go with Auto Finesse Detailing Kits

Here at Auto Finesse, we believe that getting professional results at home need not cost a pretty
penny. With our extensive range of car detailing products, you can avoid the expense of
professional detailing services by performing many tasks yourself at a fraction of the cost. With
our superior detailing products you can enjoy more control over your car and tailor the detailing process to your own preferences.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or seasoned detailing enthusiast, we have the detailing
products to push your car wash to the next level. All of our products and car cleaning accessories
are available singularly, but we also offer an extensive collection of cost-effective car detailing kits that are ideal to get you started in the world of detailing. Or as a top up to your regular detailing
arsenal. Our car detailing kits include a range of specially-selected detailing products and
accessories put together to cover all the major detailing stages. From the best car wash kit for
your ongoing maintenance and interior cleaning kits to deep clean your cabin, to more specialist
kits curated for specific tasks such as glass cleaning, machine polishing and paintwork
. In fact, our kits aren’t just for novices, many detailing professionals benefit from
our wide selection of cost-effective Auto Finesse kits every day. All of our car detailing kits are
designed to give you the best detailing products - and the right products for the job in hand - all in one comprehensive selection.

Discover our selection of premium detailing kits in our online shop and see how we can help you push your detail to new heights.

Popular Auto Finesse Kits and Detailing Bundles

We offer many of the best detailing and car wash kits on the market, all containing a collection of
specially-selected detailing products and accessories designed to make your life easier and more straightforward. Just a few of our most popular car detailing kits include:

  • Car Care Starter Kit – From essential detailing products including Lather Car Shampoo,
    Imperial Wheel Cleaner and Tripple All-in-One Polish to the best car cleaning accessories
    such as our Soft Wash Mitt and Aqua Deluxe Drying Towel, our comprehensive Starter Kit
    has all these included and many, many more. Designed to take you through the entire
    detailing process from start to finish this professional car detailing kit is great for beginners
    and contains everything you need to get started in the world of detailing.
  • Interior Car Cleaning Kit – Safeguard the interior of your car with the correct products to
    deep-clean, maintain the condition of your cabin and protect from UV fading. Our Interior
    Car Cleaning kit contains such essentials as our low foaming Total Interior Cleaner and
    Spritz Interior Quick Detailer, along with premium accessories including our specialist
    Interior detail Brush and Microfibre Work Cloth.
  • Scratch and Swirl Removal kit – Perfect for both trade professionals and detailing
    beginners, our Swirl Slayer Kit is the bundle has everything to remove minor scratches and
    swirl marks from your car’s paintwork. Save time and money on multiple correction stages
    with this all-in-one bundle which includes our advanced One Step All-in-One Compound
    along with 5 and 3-inch polishing pads. This car detailing kit also comes complete with our
    compact MPX Dual Action Polisher.
  • 2 Bucket Bundle – The best wash kit for beginners, our 2 Bucket Bundle takes you through the car wash stages with the best detailing products and accessories for safe cleaning. From the best pre-wash with Citrus Power Bug & Grime Remover and wheel cleaning with bImperial Wheel Cleaner to Lather Car Shampoo, two of our Professional Detailing Buckets and all the other accessories you need to safely wash and dry your car, this car cleaning kit is a maintenance must have.

Get the ideal detailing kit for every task and achieve unrivalled results with our premium car
detailing kits!

Specialist Auto Finesse Detailing Kits: Crafted for Every Curve

At Auto Finesse, we believe in rendering specialised care for every part of your pride and joy. We have specialist detailing kits available for all manner of professional detailing tasks such as machine polishing, clay-barring, engine bay cleaning, ceramic coating, deep cleaning wheels, paintwork decontamination, fabric roof cleaning, adding wax protection and much, much more. When looking for specific treatments to clean, enhance, protect and essentially preserve the overall aesthetics and value of your cherished car check out our full range of specialist car cleaning and car detailing kits.

Perks of Shopping For Car Wash Kits With Auto Finesse

  • We offer a comprehensive bundle of world class car detailing products for every major task
  • Our professional car detailing kits are extremely versatile and contain everything you need
  • We have starter kits ideal for car enthusiasts stepping into the car detailing world for the first time
  • We have tailored a host of auto detailing bundles to care for specific areas of your car
  • All our car cleaning and detailing formulations are of superior quality and offer professional results at home
  • With everything included in our detailing kits, you can save time on research and enjoy ease of use
  • Our comprehensive car cleaning kits are affordably priced to suit the budget of every car owner
  • We offer easy returns and prompt refunds within 2-4 working days
  • Free, economy, express, and Saturday shipping are available

Take action now. Shop our car detailing kits including the best car cleaning accessories and products from Auto Finesse.

Explore the Magic of Our Professional-Grade Auto Detailing Supplies!

A traditional car wash may drive dirt and contaminants away from your vehicle’s exterior, but it hardly guarantees excellent condition. A thorough detail is all it takes to clean the surfaces and protect the paintwork. Restore your car to its former glory with auto detailing products from Auto Finesse. Shop smart to keep your four-wheeler squeaky clean and protected all the time.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by a car detailing kit?

A car detailing kit is a simple bundle of cleaning tools and products meant for intense cleaning of the interior and exterior of vehicles. It is more than just a regular wash that restores the finish to showroom shine and safeguards the surfaces from outdoor elements. The market offers a wide range of detailing kits, from starters to high-end professional packs, to cater to DIY car care enthusiasts, seasoned detailers and budget-minded car owners alike.

2. What makes up a car detailing kit?

The items that make up a car detailing kit vary. Usually, it consists of car shampoo, wax, glass cleaners, microfibre towels, tyre dressers and interior cleaners. Check out the Sample Set of Auto Finesse to get an idea of what a typical bundle is comprised of.

3. Are car detailing kits the same for all types of cars?

Yes, car detailing kits are packed with numerous products to suit all kinds of vehicles. They could be applied on a car, an SUV, a motorcycle or even a truck, and you will be happy with the outcome.

4. How often should I use a car detailing kit?

It would be unjustified to mention the frequency of using a detailing kit to clean up an automobile. Having your drive detailed every few months is fine to safeguard its surface and sustain its shine. Let factors like weather, driving conditions, personal preference, etc determine the recurrence.

5. How much does it cost to have a car detailed in the UK?

According to 2023 records, the average cost of car detailing ranges between £80 and £200. The expenses are higher for premium services. Factors like car size, location, service level and extra treatments determine the price. Fortunately, you can save a lot by spending on affordable car detailing kits from Auto Finesse! The Clay Bar Kit costs only £22.95, and it’s the lowest in its range. Stay tuned for more affordable bundles shortly!

6. Can I detail my own car?

Absolutely! It’s the smartest thing to do when you intend to save money without compromising on the job. Hiring professional detailing services may cost a fortune. Moreover, why bear the skyrocketing expenses when detailing kits can render the professional finish you are looking for? It’s a rewarding experience to get your car looking its best, and you know that your efforts and detailing choices are the reasons. At Auto Finesse, there are plenty of bundles to choose from – starter, interior car cleaning, swirl slayer, decontamination, caramics complete protection and other equally effective kits. Start using one and be proud of your choice.

7. What is the best car detailing kit for beginners?

There is a dedicated bundle with shampoo, glass cleaner, trim dressing, satin tyre crème, imperial wheel cleaner and plenty of other products to get beginners started. The items are already handpicked and packed together for your convenience. It’s called the ‘Starter Kit’, and costs only £140.95.

8. What is the best car detailing kit for business?

The best on the market is Auto Finesse’s Connoisseurs Kit. It is for seasoned detailers with extremely discerning tastes. With over 25 handpicked detailing and valeting items, it’s the flagship of this brand. It has everything, including imperial wheel cleaner, lather car shampoo, avalanche snow foam, glide clay lube and more, to render amazing results.

9. Where can I purchase a car detailing kit in the UK?

The ideal destination to shop for car detailing products in the UK is Auto Finesse. It has a wide range of kits, with products complementing each other. Whether it’s washing, wheel cleaning, paint decontamination, paint correction, or protection, the collection here has you covered. Check out the professional-grade supplies for auto detailing today!

10. Are car detailing kits safe for all paint finishes?

As long as you keep yourself from falling into lower-quality products, which usually contain abrasive ingredients, your auto paint is safe. A word of advice is to check the label of any car detailing bundle. It should reveal the paint finishes where you can apply the products without worrying about them being too harsh on the surfaces.