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Car Washing Products

The pristine appearance of vehicles you envy is due to exhaustive automotive care. It would be wrong to say that car cleaning techniques alone are responsible for a stunning shine. A spotless and gleaming vehicle is often the result of the best car wash kit. Auto Finesse, a provider of cleaning supplies, has you covered with only the finest formulations. Crafted with specially selected ingredients, the chemicals prove harsh only on the stuck-on grime, not the car paint or metallic finishes. Pick your choice of exterior car cleaning products from our collection today and simplify the car cleaning chore.

Ultimate Car Wash Kit – An All-in-One Pack to Simplify Your Car Care Routine

One of the biggest advantages of investing in a car wash kit is that you save a lot of time on research and purchase of products individually. With our carefully curated selection of Citrus Power grime remover, Lather, Noodle Wash Mitt and Drying Towel, we assure you of compatibility among products necessary for fulfilling the specific requirements of your automobile.

Wondering what makes our kit comprising exterior car cleaning products the best-in-class bundle? Enclosed are the features that set them apart:

  • Professional-grade formulations manufactured from super-quality ingredients.
  • Compatible on various surfaces, including paintwork, plastic, and glass.
  • The Citrus Power bug and grime remover eliminate contaminants without the need for scrubbing.
  • Our Lather car shampoo is sealant-safe and characterised by a pH-neutral solution.
  • Enjoy the fresh and sweet fragrance of tangerine in every car wash.
  • Affordably priced to suit your budget.

5-Star Rated Exterior Car Cleaning Products You Simply Cannot Miss!

A showroom-quality finish is never a coincidence. It’s an outcome of the best car washing products applied correctly to transform a visually tired and neglected car into a vehicle with a remarkable mirror-like finish. Let us introduce you to some of the most-ordered items from Auto Finesse.

Lavish – A ceramic foam that promises 6-months of ultimate ceramic protection for the vehicle exterior. Repel grime by applying this chemical compound, allowing the hydrophobic barrier to render a smooth surface where neither water nor dirt will cling for long.

Lather – A lusciously thick foam applicable to all exterior surfaces of a car, coveted for its powerful formula. Expect it to leave nothing behind – no glossing agents, SiO2, or anything else. It’s safe on previously applied sealants, coatings and waxes.

Aqua Coat – It’s the most coveted SiO2 hydrophobic rinse aid that adds a ceramic coating lasting up to 3 months. Enjoy instant gloss and peerless water behaviour during car washing with this solution.

Eradicate – A top-rated engine cleaner and degreaser that removes even the hardest-hitting grime from paint, plastics, bare metal and rubber trim. It works best when applied and agitated with a detailing brush.

Wash ‘N’ Gloss – It’s a popular wash and wax shampoo from Auto Finesse that lets you achieve two goals in a single application. At first, it cleanses surfaces of grime and then leaves behind a SiO2 coating for long-lasting protection.

Grab these unmissable deals, along with the best-in-class car washing accessories from Auto Finesse today, and turn this essential ritual of car cleaning into a rewarding spa day for your ride.

FAQ on Our Car Washing Products

  1. How long does your ceramic foam last?

Ceramic foam from Auto Finesse is not just easy to apply but also offers protection to vehicle surfaces for up to 6 months. It could be on glass, trim, paintwork, or wheels.

2. What makes microfibre wash mitts better than sponges and brushes?

Microfibre wash mitts are ultra-soft and dense. They act as magnets, trapping and lifting dirt particles to prevent scratches from appearing on the surface. Besides, they have a remarkable absorption capacity, allowing them to soak up more water and detergent than traditional sponges and brushes. In short, their characteristics enable prompt and efficient scrubbing.

3. Is your car shampoo safe on exterior surfaces?

Of course, our specially formulated car shampoos are safe on all types of surfaces, including vinyl wraps, rubber, paintwork, glass and plastic. The shine you achieve with it is authentic and not an outcome of silicone polymer, wax or shine agents. We hardly use them when manufacturing our shampoos, making our formulations the best car-washing products.

4. How to maximise the benefits rendered by an engine bay degreaser?

The secret lies in the technique. When using this product from your car wash kit, spray the solution generously, spreading it all over the engine bay. Leave it aside for some time before using a detailing brush to agitate each section and loosen stubborn grime.

5. What makes your detailing brush trio arguably better?

Available in three distinct sizes, our detailing brush trio reaches the narrowest crevasses to catch grime without ruining the paintwork. In short, our brushes are the safest on car surfaces. Irrespective of use intensity, they maintain their shapes for a long time.

6. What is included in your car wash kit?

Generally, a car wash kit comprises shampoo, microfibre cloths, a wash mitt, and buckets. At Auto Finesse, we have designed ours to include specially designed lather car shampoo, a grime remover, a noodle wash mitt, and towels. Plus, there is the freedom to choose from three distinct options: silk drying, aqua deluxe and aqua deluxe XL.

7. What makes your ceramic coatings unique?

Our ceramic coatings are infused with SiO2, or silicon dioxide, a natural chemical compound that forms a strong chemical bond with the vehicle surface. The outcome is an impervious layer that restricts grime, environmental contamination, moisture and chemicals from entering.