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Elevate Your Protection and Shine with our Car Ceramic

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Without adequate paintwork protection vehicles can
become dull over time. This is made worse when damage is inflicted from improper washing, poor aftercare, and exposure to environmental contamination.

Scratches, swirl marks and spider webs will always affect your vehicle’s finish by diminishing its shine. Our paintwork protection products are not only designed to offer a hardy surface barrier to help protect from the infliction of damage when you wash, but they’re also capable of adding the most intense gloss, along with the best hydrophobic performance. 

Environmental contaminants such as iron fallout, droppings from birds and protein deposits from bug splatter can be dragged across sensitive surfaces when washing your vehicle, in turn leaving imperfections.

This is the reason why paintwork protection is so important, and why this goes hand-in-hand with using the best professional wash techniques to limit damage during any car wash.  

At Auto Finesse, we understand the strong bond between car owners and their vehicles. Our team of detailing experts and professional detailers are dedicated to providing the best paintwork protection products, including the toughest of them all – ceramic coatings. Our long-lasting ceramic protection products offer the most hardcore paintwork protection available and will help to keep your vehicle looking pristine for years to come. These ultra-hydrophobic ceramic coatings create an impermeable barrier to moisture and grime, actively replying water and dirt particles, all the while adding gloss to every exterior surface. 

Discover the pinnacle of automotive care at Auto
Finesse, where we offer the most advanced ceramic paintwork protection for your cherished vehicle. Ceramic products that deliver exceptional results to make sure your car stands out from the crowd.

The Need For Car Ceramic Paint Coatings in the UK

Maintaining the beauty and value of your vehicle
requires protecting its exterior surfaces, especially in the United Kingdom, where the road conditions and weather aren’t necessarily the best for your
paintwork, gloss plastics, glass, wheels or vinyl wrap.

Ceramic coatings for cars provide a dependable,
long-lasting way to tackle the problems caused by the UK’s weather and road conditions keeping your car looking better for longer.  

Here’s why our ceramic coatings offer the best surface protection for car owners in the UK:

UK vehicles are bombarded with a variety of weather conditions throughout the year from snow and rain to intense sunshine. If left unprotected these environmental elements can take a toll on your car’s paintwork causing corrosion, fading and oxidation. Our car ceramic paint protection products offer a long-lasting barrier that safeguards your car’s paint from acid rain, UV radiation, and other adverse weather conditions, prolonging its shine and finish.

In addition to the weather, your car is exposed to
many other types of environmental contamination that can cause damage to surfaces. This includes road salt, traffic films, protein deposits from bird
dropping and bug splatter, and mineral deposits from impure water. A ceramic coating is a glass-like layer that’s too smooth for these contaminants to cling to. Because they can’t stick, they cannot damage the surface. In fact, even water cannot stick to ceramic paint protection products, which is why these coatings are known as hydrophobic and offer extreme water behaviour including beading and sheeting.

Ceramic coatings help to level the optical finish of
surfaces, giving the appearance of much more gloss. This glass-like surface layer reflects light for a super shiny, eye-catching look. Ceramic coatings not only enhance gloss and shine – but because the dirt cannot stick, your car will stay shinier for longer.

Investing in a ceramic paint coating is an excellent idea for UK car owners looking to protect their vehicle for the long term.

Unlike traditional waxes and sealants which physically bond to surfaces, ceramic coatings form a chemical bond making them much harder to remove. This provides long-lasting protection that can withstand the rigours of daily driving and harsh weather conditions. With proper care and maintenance, ceramic coatings can keep your car looking fresh for years to come.

Our advanced ceramic paint coatings are designed to outlast and outshine the competition. Unlike other ‘long-life’ aftermarket coatings that fail to meet their marketing claims, our car ceramic coatings deliver
superior longevity and performance.

Our Comprehensive Range of Ceramic Coatings

Whether you’re a car enthusiast looking to preserve
your prized possession or a daily commuter striving to keep your vehicle looking like new, investing in our ceramic paint coatings is a great way of
achieving that coveted showroom shine and safeguarding the exterior of your vehicle for extended periods. We offer a comprehensive collection of ceramic coating solutions ranging from professional coatings for all exterior and
interior surfaces with durability of up to 12-months, to easy-to-use, ultra-hydrophobic ceramic protection products designed to be straightforward to apply either during or after the wash stages. With our ceramic coatings you can enjoy complete peace of mind knowing that your car’s finish is safeguarded against damage, maintaining its beauty and resale value.

Immerse your vehicle in a shield of excellence with
our cutting edge Caramics ceramic protection range. Our collection of Caramics
Ceramic Protection Kits cover your paintwork (or vinyl wrap), interior, wheels and glass installing ceramic protection and hydrophobic properties that last for up to a year. Specifically designed to offer professional results at home, these specialist ceramic coating kits are ideal for both enthusiasts and industry professionals offering an easy-to-use solution and the hardiest protection available.  

In addition to our Caramics ceramic coatings we also
offer a range of supporting products specifically designed to enhance the beauty and performance - and prolong the life - of our coatings during routine
maintenance. Powerful enough to install a layer of ceramic protection on their own our Caramics support products are easy to use and the ideal top-up for any previously applied ceramic coating. Use our Caramics Enhancing Shampoo during your
contact wash and our Caramics Gloss Enhancer finishing spray at the end of every detail is the simple way to boost protection and add even more shine. The range also includes our Caramics Glass Cleaner which installs hydrophobic protection
on windows and mirrors as it cleans away dust and grime, leaving nothing but a streak-free, fully protected finish.    

The Auto Finesse range of ceramic coating solutions
also includes a selection of ceramic protection products that offer long-lasting protection while being extremely easy-to-use during any detail or
maintenance wash. These products include Wash ‘N’ Gloss Car Shampoo, Lavish Ceramic Foam and Aqua Coat Hydrophobic Rinse Aid which are designed to be used during the wash stages. Our range also features Ceramic Spray Wax, an advanced finishing spray that adds a tough layer of ceramic protection with just a spray and a wipe.  

What Sets Our Car Ceramic Paint Protection Products Apart?

Expertise and Precision

With meticulous attention to every detail and precise
craftsmanship, our ceramic coatings have been developed and tested in-house by our team of professional detailers. This way we can guarantee that our ceramic paint coatings offer the best professional results at home. 

Tailored Solutions

We understand that each vehicle is different and so is every detailer which is why our ceramic coatings range in application methods so you can tailor the products to your car and your style of detailing. No
matter your experience or skill level we have a ceramic coating product that will offer the best ceramic protection for your car.   

Experience the Difference
with Auto Finesse!

At Auto Finesse we take immense pride in being the
catalyst for your car’s transformation. Our team of qualified experts is fully committed to delivering the best detailing products, direct to your door.
Whether you’re looking to protect your new car or restore the shine to your daily driver, we are here to help. Take your car’s protection and shine to the next level with our ceramic coatings and ceramic paint protection products.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is ceramic coating good for your car?

Our ceramic coating offers exceptional protection for the paintwork of your car. It creates a durable, clear covering that protects your car from environmental impurities including dust, bird droppings, UV radiation, and chemical stains. Furthermore, it improves the depth and sheen of your car's finish, making it seem more slick and shiny

2. How long does ceramic coating last?

The product quality, application technique, and maintenance schedule are some of the variables that affect how long ceramic coating lasts. A ceramic protection coating applied by a specialist can typically last up to a year. To increase its longevity, regular care and routine maintenance are necessary.

3. How do you clean a car with ceramic coating? Cars with ceramic coatings are easy enough to clean. Wash the car using a gentle microfiber wash mitt and shampoo that has been impregnated with ceramic. To prevent damaging the coating, stay away from using harsh chemicals or abrasive brushes. Use our microfiber towel to gently dry the automobile after washing to avoid leaving behind any water stains.

4. How do you know when the ceramic coating wears off?

As water stops beading on the surface and the paintwork loses its resistance to pollutants, you may see indications that the ceramic coating is wearing off. The surface could become less glossy and seem more uneven to the touch. Any damage in the coating can be found with the help of routine maintenance and assessment.

5. How often can you ceramic coat a car?

Although a vehicle can have numerous layers of ceramic coating applied to it, it is usually not essential. A good ceramic coating, like the one offered by Auto Finesse, applied in a single layer offers sufficient protection. Adding more layers could result in excessive application, which could change the paint’s appearance and not greatly improve performance.

6. Can a ceramic coating be applied by anyone, or should it be done by professionals?

Although some ceramic coating products can be easily applied yourself, it is highly recommended to have the coating applied by specialists. Expert application produces a better, longer-lasting finish by guaranteeing that the surface is adequately prepared, the protective coating gets applied evenly, and any possible problems are dealt with.

7. What not to do after ceramic coating?

Don't wash your vehicle for at least seven days after ceramic coating to give the coating time to cure completely. Furthermore, avoid using abrasive cleansers, automatic car washes with brushes, and abrasive cleaners since they can harm the coating. Make sure mild cleaning techniques are used regularly to protect the structural integrity of the ceramic protection coating.

8. How long does it take to apply a ceramic coating?

The size of the car, the quality of the paint, and the particular product used are some of the variables that affect how long it takes to apply ceramic coating. A competent ceramic coating treatment can take one to three days on average. This covers priming the paint, putting on the coating, and curing.

9. Is ceramic coating a new car worth it?

A new car can benefit greatly from ceramic coating since it maintains the vehicle's aesthetic appeal and offers an extended defence against environmental deterioration. It can help preserve the car's resale value by preserving the paintwork for extended periods. But it's crucial to balance the costs and benefits and take into account things like the expected use and maintenance schedule of the car.

10. Can I wax a ceramic-coated car?

Even though a ceramic-coated car can be waxed, it’s usually not necessary. In comparison to regular waxing, the ceramic coating offers better protection and lustre. If wax is your preferred method, make sure it is made especially for use with ceramic coatings and adhere to the instructions of the manufacturer. Remember that waxing can lessen the waterproof qualities of the ceramic coating.